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Veteran Information

Information for MCLA Students who are United States Armed Forces Veterans, Active Duty, Selected Reserve, National Guard, or their Dependents. Students are encouraged to identify their veteran status upon their initial enrollment with the Registrar's Office, Eldridge Hall Quad Level. Student can also contact Steven King in the Registrar's office by phone at (413) 662-5216, or by email.

Tuition Benefits

The Registrar's Office certifies eligibility for tuition benefits with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  Students should contact the Registrar's Office to apply. Benefits can come from one of the following sources:

VALOR Act Academic Credit Policy

In accordance with the Veterans Access, Livelihood, Opportunity, and Resources Act of 2012, MCLA evaluates and awards college credit for military training programs.

  • MCLA awards academic credit for military training based on the recommendations provided by the American Council on Education, ACE, and through MCLA's Experiential Learning portfolio program for previous military occupations or other relevant experiences.
  • MCLA accepts transfer credit from other accredited institutions, for courses taken while on active duty, along with other academic credit in accordance with the MCLA transfer credit policy and the Mass Transfer agreement.  Students must submit official college transcripts for credit to be evaluated and awarded.
  • MCLA awards academic credit through various examination programs, such as:  CLEP - the College Level Examination Program of the College Board, and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests.
  • For military credit to be evaluated and awarded, the Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART) must be submitted to the Registrar for a thorough evaluation and determination of equivalent MCLA credit.

Veterans Student Services

The Office of Student Affairs serves as a resource for student veterans and their families by coordinating campus-based and community assistance.  Students and their families are encouraged to contact Thomas Alexander in the Office of Student Affairs for assistance by phone at (413) 662-5440, or by e-mail. The Office located on the 3rd floor in the Campus Center, room 319, is open to assist with any of your academic, personal, social, career, or other college success concerns.

Information for Students called up to Active Duty

Students called to active duty while enrolled at MCLA should bring the original copy of their military orders to CSSE / Advising, Eldridge Hall, top level.  CSSE / Advising will facilitate the student's departure from campus and help determine which College policies regarding withdrawal, Leave of Absence, refunds, and grading should be applied.  Advising Services will contact the following departments on behalf of the student called up for active duty:

  • The student's academic advisor and current faculty for the semester will be notified. Depending upon the time of withdrawal, it will be determined whether the student will receive grades of "W", or "I".  Students will have a deadline of 6 weeks into the semester to which they return to complete work in any course for which a grade of "I" is assigned.
  • The Registrar's Office will report the student's status to the Department of Veterans Affairs, process withdrawals, and/or Leave of Absence, as needed.
  • The Office of Financial Aid will resolve any issues pertaining to the student's aid package for the semester.
  • The Bursar's Office will process any applicable refunds for tuition, residence hall, or dining services.
  • Residential Programs and Services will process the student's departure from the residence halls and terminate food service, if applicable.

These procedures ensure that students called to active duty should be held harmless academically and financially.  The College will seek to respond in such a way that minimizes the stress and difficulty for students making the transition to military service.

Web Resources for Student Veterans

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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs