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Admission and Aid Header
  Berkshire Community College   MCLA Course Equivlent
AHS108 Community CPR PHED 108 Community First Aid and Safety
AHS148 First Aid PHED 108 Community First Aid and Safety
AHS150 Introduction to Nutrition BIOL250 Nutrition
AHS155 Stress and Your Health TRPE100 PHED Elective
AHS235 Fitness Program Planning TRPE100 PHED Elective
AHS238 Mind/Body Theory and Methods TRPE100 PHED Elective
AHS297 Special Topics in Health Care TRFE100 Free Elective
AIB205 Money and Banking TRBA100 BADM Elective
ANT101 Cultural Anthropology ANTH130 Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
ANT102 Physical Anthropology TRAN100 ANTH Elective
ANT197 Special Topics in Anthropology TRAN100 ANTH Elective
ANT275 Independent Study in Anthropology I TRAN100 ANTH Elective
ANT276 Independent Study in Anthropology II TRAN100 ANTH Elective
BIO101 General Biology I BIOL 150 Foundations of Biology
BIO102 General Biology II TRBI 100 Biology Elective
BIO103 Introductory Animal Science TRBI 100 Biology Elective
BIO105 Fundamentals of Biology BIOL 100 Concepts of Biology
BIO109 Introductory Ecology I TRBI 100 Biology Elective
BIO110 Introductory Ecolog II TRBI 100 Biology Elective
BIO111 Introduction to Botany BIOL 235 Botany
BIO112 Zoology BIOL 245 Zoology
BIO116 Animal Care Practicum TRBI100 BIOL Elective
BIO117 Animal Care Seminar TRBI100 BIOL Elective
BIO118 Animal Behavior TRBI100 BIOL Elective
BIO119 Animal Nutrition and Health BIOL180 Nutrition
BIO150 Introduction to the Human Body BIOL105 Human Biology
BIO156 Living Anatomy: Functional Assessment of Human Body TRBI 100 BIOL Elective
BIO201 Anatomy and Physiology I BIOL310 Animal Physiology
BIO202 Anatomy and Physiology II BIOL314 Human Anatomy
BIO207 Microbiology BIOL320 Microbiology
BIO208 Orinthology TRBI200 BIOL Elective
BIO248 Applied Microbiology TRBI 200 BIOL Elective
BIO275 Independent Study in Life Sci. I TRBI 200 BIOL Elective
BIO276 Independent Study in Life Sci. II TRBI 200 BIOL Elective
BIO202 Anatomy and Physiology II BIOL316 Functional Human Anatomy
BSS101 Microsoft Windows TRFE100 Free Elective
BSS102 Microsoft Word TRFE100 Free Elective
BSS103 Desktop Publishing-Word TRFE100 Free Elective
BSS105 Microsoft Powerpoint TRFE100 Free Elective
BSS112 Introduction to Computers CCCL 100 Computing and Communication
BSS120 Introduction to Keyboarding   No Equivalent
BSS121 Document Processing TRCS 100 CSCI Elective
BSS201 Microsoft Excel TRCS 100 CSCI Elective
BSS202 Microsoft Access TRCS 100 CSCI Elective
BSS204 Software Integration CCCL 100 Computing and Communication
BSS205 Internet Use and Web Page Design TRCS 100 CSCI Elective
BSS297 Special Topics in Business Software TRCS 100 CSCI Elective
BUS105 Business Mathematics MATH 102 Math for the Liberal Arts
BUS107 Fundamentals of Business BADM100 Explorations in Business
BUS111 Principles of Accounting I BADM224 Financial Accounting
BUS112 Principles of Accouting II BADM320 Accounting Systems
BUS206 Principles of Management BADM260 Management
BUS208 Principles of Marketing BADM270 Marketing
BUS216 Small Business Management BADM367 Small Business Entrepreneurship
BUS219 Organizational Behavior BADM361 Organizational Behavior
BUS220 Managerial Accounting BADM225 Managerial Accounting
BUS233 International Business TRBA200 BADM Elective
BUS241 Small Business Seminar TRBA200 BADM Elective
BUS242 Entrpreneurship Field Study TRBA200 BADM Elective
BUS243 Introduction to Non-Profit Management TRBA200 BADM Elective
BUS247 Business Communications ENGL306 Business Writing and Presentation
BUS251 Business Law I BADM201 Business Law I
BUS252 Business Law II BADM303 Business Law II
BUS255 Principles of Finance TRBA200 BADM Elective
BUS260 Business Ethics PHIL322 Business Ethics
BUS275 Independent Study in Business TRBA200 BADM Elective
BUS285 Cooperative Education in Business I TRBA200 BADM Elective
BUS286 Cooperative Education in Business II TRBA200 BADM Elective
BUS297 Special Topics in Business TRBA200 BADM Elective
CHM101 Introductory Chemistry I CHEM150 Introdution to Chemistry I
CHM102 Introductory Chemistry II CHEM152 Introduction to Chemistry II
CHM150 Essentials of Chemistry CHEM100 Chemistry Concepts
CHM201 Organic Chemistry I CHEM201 Organic Chemistry I
CHM202 Organic Chemistry II CHEM202 Organic Chemistry II
CHM275 Independent Study in Chemistry TRCH200 CHEM Elective
CIS102 Fundamental Computer Literacy CCCL100 Computing and Communication
CIS124 C++ Programming I CSCI153 Introduction to Programming I
CIS125 C++ Programming II CSCI253 Introduction to Programming II
CIS147 Visual Basic TRCS100 CSCI Elective
CIS155 Web Development TRCS100 CSCI Elective
CIS155 Web Development TRCS100 CSCI Elective
CIS181 Router Technology Fundamentals TRCS100 CSCI Elective
CIS203 Systems Design TRCS100 CSCI 252 Systems Development
CIS211 Data Structures TRCS100 CSCI Elective
CIS212 Assembly Language CSCI318 Computer Organization
CIS231 Computer Science I with Java TRCS200 CSCI Elective
CIS232 Computer Science II with Java TRCS200 CSCI Elective
CIS240 Advanced Router programming TRCS200 CSCI Elective
CIS241 Project Based Learning TRCS200 CSCI Elective
CIS255 Fundementals of Wireless LANs TRCS200 CSCI Elective
CIS275 Independent Study in Computer CSCI200 CSCI 200 Lower Level Ind. Study
CIS281 Computer Laboratory Assistant   No Equivalent
CIS282 Computer Laboratory Assistant   No Equivalent
CIS283 Computer Laboratory Assistant   No Equivalent
CIS297 Special Topics CIS TRCS200 CSCI Elective
COM104 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication ENGL 196 Forms of Speech
COM105 Introduction to Oral Communication ENGL 196 Forms of Speech
COM106 Introduction to Oral Interpretation of Literaure ENGL 196 Forms of Speech
COM107 Introduction to Oral Communication in Business ENGL 196 Forms of Speech
CRJ105 Introduction to Criminal Justice TRFE100 Free Elective
CRJ108 Substance Abuse Education TRSO100 SOCI Elective
CRJ109 Police and Community Relations TRSO100 SOCI Elective
CRJ121 Criminal Law TRFE100 Free Elective
CRJ123 Criminal Procedures TRFE100 Free Elective
CRJ125 Juvenile Justice Process SOCI352 Juvenile Delinquency
CRJ126 Criminal Investigation TRFE100 Free Elective
CRJ127 Correctional Process TRSO100 SOCI Elective
CRJ200 Introduction to Criminology SOCI351 Criminology
CRJ201 Criminal Jusitce Field Work Seminar SOCI540 Internship
ECE101 Early Childhood Growth and Development PSYC210 Developmental Psychology
ECE104 Introduction to Early Childhood Education CCSS269 Education and Society
ECE107 Und. And Guid. Child Behavior TRED100 Education Elective
ECE122 Special Needs in Early Childhood Education EDUC478 The Young Child with Special Needs
ECE123 Practicum in Early Childhood Education EDUC550 Practicum- Stuident Teaching Pre-School
ECE124 Seminar in ECHE TRED100 EDUC Elective
ECE220 Infant and Toddler Care EDUC230 Program Development Infants and Toddler
ECE223 Early Childhood Education Practicum II TRED200 EDUC Elective
ECE224 Early Childhood Education Seminar II EDUC160 Field Placement I
ECE230 Supervision and Administation Day Care TRED200 EDUC Elective
ECE 241 Creativity-a Child's Perspective TRED200 EDUC Elective
ECE265 Early Childhood Education Administration-Staff Development TRED200 EDUC Elective
ECE275 Independent Study in Early Childhood Education TRED200 EDUC Elective
ECO150 World Economy TREC100 Economics Electives
ECO211 Prin. Of Microeconomics ECON142 Microeconomics
ECO212 Prin. Of Macroeconomics ECON141 Macroeconomics
EDU105 Foundations of Education EDUC200 Foundations of Education
   CCSS269 Education and Society
ENT161 Engineering Physics I: Mechanics PHYS151 Introduction to Physics I
ENT162 Engineering Physics II: Fluids, PHYS152 Introduction to Physics II
ENG101 Composition I ENGL100 College Writing I
ENG102 Composition II ENGL150 College Writing II
ENG204 Literature of Peace and War TREN200 ENGL Elective
ENG205 Children's Literature CCA207 Children's Literature: A Lively Art
ENG215 Introduction to Literature I ENGL250 Introduction to Literature
ENG216 Introduction to the Literature II TREN200 ENGL Elective
ENG221 Literature of Western Civilization I TREN100 ENGL Elective
ENG222 Literature of Western Civilization II TREN100 ENGL Elective
ENG223 Creative Writing: Poetry ENGL301 Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG228 US Poetry Since 1945 TREN200 ENGL Elective
ENG231 American Literature to 1865 TREN200 ENGL Elective
ENG232 American Literature Since 1865 TREN200 ENGL Elective
ENG241 British Literature I TREN200 ENGL Elective
ENG242 British Literature II TREN200 ENGL Elective
ENG243 Creative Writing ENGL300 Creative Writing: Fiction
ENG251 Shakespeare ENGL351 William Shakespeare
ENG260 Introduction to Journalism ENGL 225 Writing for Print News Media
ENG275 Independent Study in English TREN200 ENGL Elective
ENG297 Special Topics in Literature TREN200 ENGL Elective
ENV101 Conservation of Natural Resources I TREV100 ENVI Elective
ENV102 Conservation of Natural Resouces II TREV100 ENVI Elective
ENV121 Introduction to Environmental Science I ENVI101 Introduction to Environmental Studies I
ENV127 Environmental Awareness and Responsibility TRBI100 Biology Elective
ENV133 Everglades Ecosystems TRBI100 BIOL Elective
ENV135 Rocky Mountain Ecosystems TRBI100 BIOL Elective
ENV136 Pacific Northwest Ecology TRBI100 BIOL Elective
ENV139 Tropical Ecosystems TRBI100 BIOL Elective
ENV165 Field Methods in Environmental Studies TRBI100 BIOL Elective
ENV207 Wildlife Biology TRBI200 BIOL Elective
ENV208 Aquatic Biology TRBI200 BIOL Elective
ENV247 Advanced Travel Study TREV200 ENVI Elective
ENV251 Environmental Health TRBI200 BIOL Elective
ENV275 Independent Study I TRBI200 BIOL Elective
ENV276 Independent Study II TRBI200 BIOL Elective
EXL225 Experiential Learning I TRFE200 FREE Elective
EXL250 Experiential Learning II TRFE200 FREE Elective
EXL275 Experiential Learning III TRFE200 FREE Elective
EXL290 Experiential Learning IV TRFE200 FREE Elective
FAS103 Printmaking I ART210 Intro to Studio Art
FAS111 Drawing I ART210 Introduction to Studio Art
FAS113 Printmaking II ART212 Studio Art I (Medium)
FAS114 Landscape Painting TRAR100 ART Elective
FAS119 Photography I ENGL205 Intro to Back and White Photography
FAS120 Drawing II ART210 Into To Studio Art
FAS123 Two-Dimensional Design I TRAR100 ART Elective
FAS124 Three-Dimensional Design I TRAR100 ART Elective
FAS125 Three-Dimensional Design II TRAR100 ART Elective
FAS126 Photography II ENGL337 Advanced Photography
FAS133 Pastels ART210 Intro to Studio Art
FAS138 The Art of Faux Painting TRAR100 ART Elective
FAS144 Digital Imaging with Photoshop ART205 Introduction to Graphic Design
FAS145 Publication Design ENGL323 Publications Design and Typography
FAS156 Art and Culture of Asia TRAR100 ART Elective
FAS157 Studio Art Survey ART210 Intro to Studio Art
FAS163 Two-Dimensional Design II TRAR100 ART Elective
FAS171 Pre-Renaissance Art History ART211 Great Monuments of Art
FAS172 Renaissance to Modern Art History ART211 Great Monuments of Art
FAS173 Twentieth Century Art History ART211 Great Monuments of Art
FAS200 Art Gallery Management TRAR200 Art Elective
FAS209 Basic Sculpture TRAR200 Art Elective
FAS210 Fund. Of Painting ART212 Studio Art I (medium)
FAS222 Advanced Studio Art TRAR200 Art Elective
FAS225 Figure Drawing ART212 Studio Art I (Medium)
FAS230 Computer Graphics I ART 205 Introduction to Graphic Design
FAS231 Computer Graphics II TRAR200 ART Elective
FAS240 Intermediate Painting ART212 Studio Art I (medium)
FAS242 Computer Illustration TRAR200 ART Elective
FAS245 Watercolor Painting ART206 Watercolor
FAS275 Independent Study in Art TRAR200 ART Elective
FAS297 Special Topics in Visual Arts TRAR200 ART Elective
GEO125 World Geography GEOG120 Regional World Geography
GEY121 Earth Systems Science TRGY100 Geography Elective
GEY136 Geographic Information Systems in the Sciences TRGY100 Geography Elective
GOV105 US Gov't POSC201 American Politics and Gov't
GOV135 The Constitution and Civil Rights TRPO100 Political Science Elective
GOV125 Comparative Gov't POSC102 Comparative Politics and Gov't
GOV275 Ind. Study in Gov't TRPO100 Political Science Elective
HIS113 Western Civilization I HIST103 Premodern World Civ. (prog req)
HIS114 Western Civ. II HIST104 Modern World Civ. (human heritage)
HIS117 United States History I HIST203 American History I
HIS118 United States History II HIST204 American History II
HIS208 Introduction to Chinese Civilization HIST310 Topics: Non-Western Nation
HIS210 The Twentieth Century TRHI200 HIST Elective-200L
HIS221 Colonial History HIST320 Topics in American History
HIS225 Comparative Religions PHIL110 World Religions
HIS232 The World Since 1945 TRHI200 HIST Elective-200L
HIS236 History and Culture of Japan TRHI200 History Elective 200L
HIS237 Latin American History TRHI200 HIST Elective-200L
HIS238 History of the Holocaust TRHI200 HIST Elective 200L
HIS232 The World Since 1945 HIST200 HIST Elective 200L
HIS275 Independent Study in History TRHI200 HIST Elective 200L
HIS276 Independent Study in History II TRHI200 HIST Elective-200L
HIS297 Special Topics in History TRHI200 History Elective 200L
HSV111 Human Service Methods SOWK241 Introduction to Social Work
HSV135 Intro to Community Resources TRSW100 SOWK Elective
HSV151 Field Work Seminar I TRSW100 SOWK Elective Note: Need to take HSV 161 to receive credit
HSV161 Field Practicum I TRSW100 SOWK Elective Note: Need to take HSV 151 to receive credit
HSV197 Topical Seminar in Human Services TRSW100 SOWK Elective
HSV252 Field Work Seminar II TRSW100 SOWK Elective Note: Need to take HSV 262 to receive credit
HSV253 Field Work Seminar III TRSW100 SOWK Elective
HSV262 Field Practicum II TRSW100 SOWK Elective Note: Need to take HSV 252 to receive credit
HSV253 Field Work Seminar III SOWK540 Note: Need to take HSV 263 to receive credit
HSV263 Field Practicum III SOWK540 Note: Need to take HSV 253 to receive credit
HSV280 Group and Professional Development SOWK350 Social Group Work
HSV297 Topical Seminar in Human Services TRSW100 SOWK Elective
HUM121 Introduction to Humanities TREN100 ENGL Elective Note: Meets Creative Arts Core
HUM136 Conversational American Sign Language TRML100 Modern Language Elective
HUM207 Politics of American Culture TREN200 ENGL Elective
HUM228 Painting from Literature TRAR200 ART Elective
HUM233 Film as Art TRCA200 Creative Arts Elective
HUM297 Special Topics in Humanities TRFE200 FREE Elective
MAT101 Applied Comtempory Mathematics CCMA102 Math for the Liberal Arts
MAT102 College Algebra CCMA102 Math for the Liberal Arts
MAT121 Precalculus I MATH150 Precalculus
MAT122 Precalculus II MATH150 Precalculus
MAT123 Elementary Statistics MATH232 Intro to Statistics
MAT129 Math Art & Nature I CCMA102 Math for the Liberal Arts
MAT136 Math for Health Sciences TRMA100 Math Elective
MAT145 Applied Calculus I MATH220 Calculus I
MAT146 Applied Calculus II MATH320 Calculus II
MAT151 Calculus I MATH220 Calculus I
MAT152 Calculus II MATH320 Calculus II
MAT183 Mathematics Laboratorey Assistant   No equivalent
MAT253 Linear Algebra MATH261 Linear Algebra
MAT254 Differentials Equations MATH 380 Differential Equations
MAT275 Independent Study in Mathematics I TRMA200 Math Elective
MAT276 Independent Study in Mathematics II TRMA200 Math Elective
MAT283 Math Lab Assistant   No Equivalent
MUS101 Applied Music I TRMU100 MUSI Elective
MUS102 Applied Music II TRMU100 MUSI Elective
MUS105 Music History I MUSI251 Introduction to Music
MUS106 Fundamentals of Music MUSI250 Fundamentals of Music
MUS108 Music Theory MUSI250 Fundamentals of Music
MUS110 American Popular Music TRMU100 MUSI Elective
MUS116 Fundemental Musicianship MUSI250 Fundamentals of Music
MUS120 Choral Ensemble I TRMU100 MUSI Elective
MUS130 Choral Ensemble II TRMU100 MUSI Elective
MUS136 American Musical Theatre TRMU100 MUSI Elective
MUS141 Introduction to Jazz TRMU100 MUSI Elective
MUS145 World Music MUSI253 World Music
MUS146 Introduction to Music MUSI251 Introduction to Music
MUS151 Instrumental Ensemble I TRMU100 MUSI Elective
MUS155 Jazz Theory And Practice TRMU100 MUSI Elective
MUS156 Musicuanship I MUSI250 Fundamentals of Music
MUS163 Jazz Ensemble I TRMU100 MUSI Elective
MUS164 Jazz Ensemble II TRMU100 MUSI Elective
MUS175 Music History II MUSI365 Music Theory I
MUS187 Music Theory II MUSI355 Music Theory I
MUS201 Applied Music III TRMU100 MUSI Elective
MUS202 Applied Music IV TRMU100 MUSI Elective
MUS220 Choral Ensemble III TRMU100 MUSI Elective
MUS216 Musicianship II TRMU100 MUSI Elective
MUS220 Choral Ensemble III TRMU200 MUSI Elective
MUS230 Choral Ensemble IV TRMU200 MUSI Elective
MUS242 Jazz Composition TRMU200 MUSI Elective
MUS249 Song Writing TRMU200 MUSI Elective
MUS275 Independent Study in Music TRMU200 MUSI Elective
MUS297 Special Topics in Music TRMU200 MUSI Elective
PED106 Self-Defense I TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED107 Self Defense II TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED109 Introduction to Badminton PHED113 Fund. of Beginning Badmintion
PED115 Introduction to Volleyball TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED116 Introduction to Golf PHED125 Fundamentals of Golf
PED125 Indoor Cycling TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED127 Intro to Archery TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED128 Introduction to Tennis PHED110 Fundamentals of Tennis
PED130 Introduction to Aikido PHED144 Aikido
PED135 PHYS. Fitness Ex. Rx. TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED136 Weight Training TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED137 Aerobics TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED141 Intro to Swimming PHED103 Swimming
PED144 Stretching and Flexibility TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED149 Cardio Kickboxing TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED151 Cardio Bootcamp TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED152 Group Exercise Instruction TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED 160 Muscle Strength and Conditioning TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED161 Advanced Strength Training TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED165 Walking for Fitness I TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED170 Personal Trainer TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED180 Fitness for Life PHED132 Fitness for Life
PED195 Practicum TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED207 Prevention and Care of Exercise Injuries TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED240 Advanced Practicum TRPE100 PHED Elective
PED250 Psychology of Sport TRPE100 PHED Elective
PHL101 Philosophy and Self ident. TRPH100 PHIL Elective
PHL102 Intro To Philosophy PHIL100 A First Course in Phliosophy
PHL105 World Sec. and Sustain. TRPH100 PHIL Elective
PHL111 Alternatives to Violence TRPH100 PHIL Elective
PHL209 Ethics PHIL320 Ethics
PHL212 Asian Philosophy TRPH100 PHIL Elective
PHL270 Ind. Study. Peace World Ord. TRPH100 PHIL Elective
PHY101 College Physics I PHYS131 General Physics I
PHY102 College Physics II PHYS132 General Physics II
PHY111 The Ideas of Physics PHYS100 Physics Concepts
PSY107 Introduction to Psychology PSYC100 PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology
PSY204 Human Growth and Development PSYC210 PSYC 210 Developmental Psychology
PSY207 Social Psychology PSYC230 Social Psychology
PSY208 Interviewing and Counseling SOWK348 Social Work Skills
PSY210 Psychology of the Mass Media TRPY200 PSYC Elective
PSY217 Humanistic Psychology TRPY200 PSYC Elective
PSY221 Psychology of Women PSYC357 Psychology of Women
PSY226 Abnormal Psychology PSYC270 Abnormal Psychology
PSY275 Independent Study on Psychology PSYC200 PSYC Elective
PSY297 Special Topics in Psychology PSYC200 PSYC Elective
SOC105 Introductory Sociology SOCI100 Introduction to Sociology
SOC121 Human Sexuality PSYC355 Human Sexuality
SOC136 Sociology of Marriage and the Family SOCI291 Marriage and Family
SOC197 Special Topics in Sociology TRSO100 SOCI Elective
SOC203 Issues Through Film and Video TRSO100 SOCI Elective
SOC208 Contemporary Social Problems SOCI201 Social Problems
SOC212 Social Welfare and Social Policy SOWK340 Social Welfare Policy
SOC216 Racial and Ethnic Minorities SOWK321 Minority Groups
SOC217 Sociology of Religion TRSO200 SOCI Elective
SOC219 Women and the Law TRSO200 SOCI Elective
SOC228 Death and Dying SOCI336 Death and Dying
SOC275 Independent Study in Sociology TRSO200 SOCI Elective
SOC297 Topical Seminar in Sociology TRSO200 SOCI Elective
SPA101 Introductory Spanish I SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPA102 Introductory Spanish II SPAN102 Elementary Spanish II
SPA131 Spanish for the Workplace TRSP100 SPAN Elective
SPA132 Spanish ofr the Workplace II TRSP100 SPAN Elective
SPA201 Intermediate Spanish I SPAN201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPA202 Intermediate Spanish II SPAN202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPA275 Independent Study in Spanish TRSP200 SPAN Elective
THR101 Introduction to the Theatre THEA271 Discovering Plays
THR102 Stagecraft I TRTH100 THEA Elective
THR103 Stagecraft II THEA272 Exploring Production
THR104 Acting I TRTH100 THEA Elective
THR105 Acting II THEA238 Experiencing Performance
THR106 Fundamentals of Theatre Design THEA272 Exploring Production
THR107 Scene Design TRTH100 THEA Elective
THR108 Lighting Design I TRTH100 THEA Elective
THR111 History of Theatre I TRTH100 THEA Elective
THR112 History Of Theatre II TRTH100 THEA Elective
THR113 Drama in Your Own Words TRTH100 THEA Elective
THR118 Dance Through the Ages TRFP100 FPA Elective
THR119 Dance I FPA200 Dance I
THR120 Dance II FPA 201 Dance II
THR198 Theatre Practicum TRTH100 THEA Elective
THR199 Theatre Practicum TRTH100 THEA Elective
THR205 Directing TRTH200 THEA Elective
THR206 Acting Styles THEA374 The Art of Acting
THR209 Dramatic Literature I TRTH100 THEA Elective
THR210 Dramatic Literature II TRTH100 THEA Elective
THR214 Modern Dramatic Literature TRTH100 THEA Elective
THR233 Movement of Actors TRTH100 THEA Elective
THR275 Independent Study in Theatre I TRTH100 THEA Elective
THR276 Independent Study in Theatre II TRTH100 THEA Elective