ENVI 350: The Environment of South Florida

South Florida

March 12-22, 2015
Trip cost: $1,550

Course Summary

Florida has a rich history, diverse ecology, and dynamic present. This field trip lets you explore the historical and contemporary interactions of people with their environment. We consider the human history (including Indians, Spanish, and US colonists) and the historical and modern ways in which people have altered and existed in Florida's environment.


South Florida



South Florida








During site visits to preserves and natural areas, you experience and learn about the ecology, characteristic species, natural communities, and ecosystems of Florida. Camping in state and national parks broadens your experience. On-site presentations deepen your understanding of the modern conservation confronting Florida today, including: agricultural practices, development pressures, Everglades management, threatened and endangered species management, and water conservation. Visits to diverse cultural and historical sites provide context for today's issues.


South Florida

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