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BWLI Students and Committee

1:1 Programs

Gateway Regional School District
The Gateway Regional School District in Huntington, MA  has implemented a student laptop leasing program.  Students have the opportunity to purchase or lease either an Apple based or PC based laptop through their school.  Discounts are provided to students receiving free and reduced lunch.  This innovative program allowed the school district to sustain a 1:1 program that was started four years ago. 

Maine Learning Technology Initiative
(MLTI) is the largest educational technology project in the history of Maine . Maine stands as the first state to embark upon a plan to eliminate the digital divide by providing a laptop to every 7th and 8th grade student and teacher.  After the initial four years of implementation, they signed a new four-year contract with Apple computer to continue the program in the middle schools.

Henrico County Public Schools
Henrico County Public Schools launched the Teaching and Learning Initiative by deploying approximately 24,000 laptops to all high school and middle school students and over 3,000 laptops to staff and administrators. They also contracted with a local service provider to offer low-cost Internet access to students and teachers in their homes. Their vision is "to close the digital divide by providing computers and Internet access to all students."

New Hampshire Advantage
The NH Advantage Foundation manages this 1:1 laptop program in six New Hampshire middle schools, which was made possible through private support.  The Foundation assists with day-to-day operation of the program and provides training for teachers. 

Irving High School Laptop Initiative
The Irving ISD has implemented a plan in which every high school student receives a laptop.  This site covers examples of transparent subject area integration, an examination of the classroom management issues, a look at staff development, and ideas for starter activities to use in a 1-to-1 classroom.

Research and Evaluation Studies

Improving Mathematics Performance Using Laptop Technology:  The Importance of Professional Development for Success
This study, conducted by the Maine Education Policy Research Institute, showed that professional development was effective in changing teaching and technology practices, which in turn led to improved student performance on standardized math tests. 

Laptops for Learning Baseline Research Study
Boston College's Technology and Assessment Study Collaborative has  partnered with Boston Public Schools and Apple Computer to conduct an in-depth research studies of urban teachers' use of technology.

Texas Technology Immersion
The Texas Center for Educational Research has evaluated the Technology Immersion Pilot Project in Texas.  The Texas Education Agency has directed federal funds to selected high-need middle schools in the state to implement wireless learning programs.   

1:1 computer use in mathematics and science instruction in Henrico County
This study, conducted by SRI International and Education Development Center, examines the use of laptop computers in Henrico County.  The results show that Henrico County faced some challenges in implementing a 1:1 laptop initiative but that overall, teachers, students and parents see the use of laptop computers at home and at school as beneficial. 

The Maine Learning with Laptop Studies
MLLS, based at the University of Maine at Farmington, evaluates 1:1 learning by looking at a broad array of laptop initiatives, identifying what they are doing well, and formulating recommendations for addressing challenges. 

1:1 Computing in New Hampshire Middle Schools
Boston College's Technology and Assessment Study Collaborative (inTASC) evaluates the initial nine months of a 1:1 laptop program in six New Hampshire Middle Schools.  The data shows that some of the benefits of 1:1 computing are increased student and teacher use of technology, increased student engagement and motivation, and improved student-teacher interactions.

Fullerton School District
The Fullerton School District in Orange County, CA has been implementing a 1:1 laptop program for the past two years in three schools.  The program is supported by federal funding and parental funding.  The first and second year evaluation reports are available on this site.