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BWLI Students and Committee

Admissions Launches New App


Our new mobile application is making it easier than ever for prospective students to find out about MCLA.

"While a personal visit to campus is always best, wherever you are - at home or with friends - you're now able to get a sneak peek at MCLA," said Roberta McCulloch-Dews, MCLA's Web communications manager. "It's a convenient way to learn more about MCLA."

Through the app, students may take a campus "tour" to view highlights such as the residence halls, the Campus Center or the Office of Admission, and read a short description of each building.

"Users not only can get a sense of what each building is about and what it offers, but how it looks. They will know where to go when they come to the campus," said McCulloch-Dews.

The app covers more than just the campus: a feature called "Around Town" offers users a view of the greater North Adams area that surrounds the College.

"There's a rich environment of arts and culture, as well as restaurants and more. The 'Around Town' feature allows users to know what's happening, where they should go, and where they should eat," McCulloch-Dews said. "That's important to prospective students because they're not just coming to the College, they're coming to live in the Berkshires during their time at the College."

With the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets steadily on the rise, the app was a logical way to expand the College's marketing reach.

According to Annette Jeffes, dean of Admissions and enrollment management, "We are communicating with students using one of the most popular modes of communication for a high school junior or senior - their iPhone. Our chances of getting their attention and getting our message across will increase by using a tool that they use throughout the day."

"Right now, we have a solid foundation with the app's rollout, but we will add more features as time goes on," McCulloch-Dews said of the project, which has been in development for the past several months.

This month, videos from new MCLA students also will be added. As Orientation kicks off next week, students just starting out at MCLA will add their points of view in short videos to be included on the app. They'll talk about why they chose MCLA and why the College is the right choice for them.

Additionally, the app will list upcoming MCLA events. "You can use the app not only to see what the campus is about, but to also find out what's going on," McCulloch-Dews added.

Current students, too, will want to download the app, according to McCulloch-Dews.

"It will give them insight about places and things that they may not know about MCLA. But more so, this is an app that students can share with their circle of friends and family to expand awareness about the College and its many offerings."

To download the app, search for "MCLA Admissions App" at Apple's iOS App Store or on Google Play.