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Spring 2014 Pittsfield Courses:


Summer 2014 courses will be posted the first week of March.  We continue to work to develop online options that will align with your graduation needs and work/family demands.  Registration for Fall 2014 will open in April. 

Please contact the program coordinator, Barbara Emanuel, (662.5576 or First Class email) to discuss your Summer and Fall course options. 

Pittsfield Conte is located in downtown Pittsfield.  It is the Center for Education at the Silvio O'Conte Federal building in Pittsfield. 


Listed below are several options for Spring 2014.

BADM 490:  Behavioral Finance.   Moriarty. Wednesdays at Conte Federal, 5-6:30p   

BADM 510:  Seminar in Business Policy.  Ovitsky.  Wednesdays at Conte Federal, 7:30-9:00a     

ENGL 300:  Creative Writing Fiction. Lehleitner.  Mondays at Conte Federal, 5-6:30p