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Welcome K-12 Educator!

Our goal at MCLA, in concert with the Berkshire Readiness Center, The Berkshire Compact, the Education Department, and the Berkshire County Superintendents Roundtable, is to provide resources that educators can use to advance their professional knowledge, make connections with peers across the county, and advance their credentials. 

We encourage you to use the explore the links below.  Of course, never hesitate to contact us.  


Graduate Education:  Link for resources to licensure, Masters of Education, Leadership Academy, and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study. 


Professional Development for PK-12.   MCLA continues to partner with the Berkshire County Superintendents Roundtable and the Berkshire Readiness Center to offer professional development that supports current topics, license advancement, and district initiatives. 

Open Corridor Schools, Inc.:  Professional Development Teacher Education Courses For more information, please go to:

Educator Recognition Awards.  Link here to learn more about this annual award for Berkshire County Educators.  

For more information contact:

  • Jake Eberwein, Dean,
  • 413.662.5543

  • Barbara Emanuel, Program Coordinator
  • 413.662.5576

  • Nancy Pearlman, Licensure Officer
  • N.Pearlman 
  • 413-662-5522

  • Michelle Delisle, Education Department
  • 413-662-5381