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Professional Development for PK-12 Educators

MCLA, through the DGCE unit, works in partnership with the MCLA Education Department, the Berkshire Readiness Center, and the Berkshire County Roundtable to deliver ongoing professional development for PK-12 educators.  This professional development can be used for:

  • Recertification,
  • To advance knowledge and skill, translating into improved outcomes for children,
  • Personal and Professional growth,
  • Compliance, and
  • To support school and district initiatives.



Summer 2014:

Courses for Educators at MCLA

MCLA will offer graduate credit, in-service credit, and professional development summer opportunities for PK-12 educators.  You can link below for a one page listing.

MCLA Summer One Page Overview

More detail on courses is provided below.


Graduate Level Courses

MCLA offers graduate courses for those in the process of earning a degree or a license.  Summer is an opportune time to take a course.

  • Ethics and Foundations of Schooling. August 4-8 (ADMN/EDUC 702, CRN 40095/40097)
  • Literacy Acquisition and Development.  July 14 - 18 (RDNG 616, CRN 40077)
  • Survey of Literature for Children & Adolescents.  July 8 - 29 (RDNG/ENGE 722, CRN 40078/40079)
  • Health Promotion Workshop.  Hyrbid: June 7 - 14 (PHDE 601, CRN 40100)
  • Principles and Practice of Effective Coaching.  Hybrid: June 8 - 20 (PHDE 601, CRN 40101)
  • Literature and Society.  July 7 - August 14.  Fully online (ENGE 601, CRN 40069)
  • John Steinbeck. May 27 - July 3 (ENGE 601, CRN 40066)

Register at

Featured content courses

Upper Housatonic River Valley Experience

In this one week intensive course, educators will earn 3 graduate level credits by learning about various aspects of the Housatonic River Valley.  The course will leverage local resources and expertise to enrich the experience of each participant and equip them to share lessons learned with their students. HSTE 6551 (CRN 40010), ENVE 651 (CRN 40009).


Alternative Energy for Middle School Teachers

The focus of this course is alternative energy including solar, hydro, wind, biomass, and geothermal.   Students will explore each type of alternative energy and answer questions related to energy basics, cost, thermodynamics, and engineering/design.  The course is blended with both face-to-face and online components.  Students will participate as part of a learning community and complete regular assignments, online quizzes, and a final research project.   Grant funding will be applied to offset entire course cost. Professor Adrienne Wootters.  PHYE 601 (CRN 40147) or ENVE 601 (CRN 40148).

  • 3 graduate credits.
  • HYBRID:  May 17 to July 5 with face-to-face meetings on May 24 (9a -12noon), June 26, 27, 28 (9:00a - 3:00p).
  • Note:  This course is also offered for 45 PDPs - CRN 40169.  To register for PDP option, email


Mathematical Modeling for Middle School Teachers.

Introduces and explores the concepts of math modeling to middle school teachers (course is also open to elementary/high school educators).  Participants will spend time working on open-ended questions that do not have a single answer, but invite a variety of approaches and solutions.  Students will gain experience in collaborative applied mathematics and advance ideas that can be applied in the classroom.  Grant funding will be applied to offset entire course cost.  Professor Christopher Thomas.  MATE 601 (CRN 40146).

  • 3 graduate credits
  • Dates:  May 29/30, June 5/6, 12/13,  8:30a -4:30p.
  • Note:  This course is also offered for 45 PDPs - CRN 40170.  To register for PDP option, email

To register visit or link to

In-service Graduate Courses 


Teach the Teachers Initiative:  American Institute for Economics Research

This course explores the major economics concepts including Money Supply and Inflation; Business Cycles; and Government and the Economy.  This course is designed for high school teachers whose concentrations are in Mathematics, English/Language Arts, History and Social Studies.

  • Dates:  June 23 - 27, in Great Barrington
  • Cost:  Teachers receive a $1000 stipend and 3 in-service graduate credits
  • To register visit:


The Arts and Common Core:  Arts Integrated Strategies to Deepen Literacy Skills.

The workshop is designed for general classroom teachers interested in integrating the arts across the curriculum.  Students will investigate how arts integration can support literacy skills.  Drawing from the Common Core State Standards, participants will learn strategies in drama, visual art, music, creative movement, and poetry that provide flexible options for students to access curriculum and diverse ways of expressing understanding.  Participants will see the role of arts based learning differentiation and performance assessment. 1 inservice credit.  Professor  Lisa Donovan.  INSV 690 (CRN 40108)


Massachusetts Institute for Teaching Science.  Industry, Innovation, and Inquiry:  Bringing the Science of Berkshire Innovators into the Classroom.

This course combines content and skill development sessions taught by scientists, content specialists, and professional educators.  It is based out of the lead institution with field trips to area research labs, fields sites, and local businesses with product development laboratories.  The course includes a half-day introductory session and one-week on-site sessions. 3 inservice credits. 

Professional Development


Echoes and Reflections:  Leaders in Holocaust Education

Through experiential activities and collaborative group discussion, secondary educators will receive a copy and be introduced to the content and pedagogy of the Echoes and Reflections Teacher's Resource Guide.  The program highlights the medium of visual history testimony, and is aligned with the Common Core standards.  Participants will leave the session with historically accurate, age appropriate and teacher tested instructional strategies they can implement in their classrooms.  Teachers will earn 10 pdps.


Recent Professional Development:

  • Massachusetts Model Evaluation
  • Common Core Curriculum
  • New Teacher Induction
  • Mentoring for Educators
  • Education Evaluation Training
  • Berkshire County Professional Learning Networks
  • WIDA/Sheltered English Immersion
  • Massachusetts Frameworks (Common Core)
  • Community Impact Challenge MA Frameworks Project
  • Science Frameworks
  • Berkshire County Guidance
  • Arts integration
  • Housatonic River
  • Berkshire Environmental Educators Network (BEEN)
  • Kindergarten assessment
  • BHRSD Writing Workshop