Expanding Horizons


As the fastest growing economy in the world today, and the home to the world's largest population, China has tremendous influence on the U.S. economy - and arguably our society as a whole. Thanks to opportunities at MCLA, students may learn about China first-hand - through travel courses, business classes, faculty exchanges and post-graduation teaching positions.

And, this fall, seven Chinese students from Hebei University will study at MCLA.

MCLA stands out among U.S. colleges and universities for its successful efforts to partner with Chinese institutions.  Since 1995, the College has enjoyed a co-sponsorship agreement with the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (SIFT) and the Sage Colleges of New York, created to promote educational, economic and institutional exchanges among the three institutions.

In fall 2007, the exchange brought Laura Yang, a SIFT professor in transport and logistics, and head of the logistics department in SIFT's International Business School, to MCLA. Yang taught a business administration class on contemporary economic issues in China. She returned last summer to teach a course related to doing business in China and will be back again this summer to teach another class.

In 2004, MCLA sent one of its own faculty members - Ben Kahn, economics professor - to Shanghai, where he did research and taught classes on managerial economics.

Faculty exchanges are just the beginning. Delegations from SIFT have visited MCLA twice in the past two years to explore new ways of working with the College.

The College's opportunities in China don't end at graduation. Beginning this fall, seven graduates from the Class of 2009 will join other MCLA graduates in China to teach English at Hebei University in Baoding City. This opportunity is due in part to history professor Kailai Huang, a native of China, who helped build the bridge between MCLA and Hebei University.

The strength of existing partnerships is such that the College anticipates an array of new opportunities for growth. MCLA will respond to these opportunities with enthusiasm; students will spend their lives in a global economy, of which China is of enormous importance. Through these kinds of exchanges with China, MCLA will continue to prepare students for a world of opportunity.