Student eyes judicial career


To Taylor Krowitz '15 of Lunenburg, Mass., MCLA means opportunity. In fact, it's the best part of being on campus, he said.

"I didn't do anything in high school besides play tennis," Krowitz said. "When I got to MCLA, I was overwhelmed by all the clubs and organizations that I could join."

He ended up joining the Student Government Association (SGA), and went on to serve as an ambassador for the Office of Admission, as a peer advisor, and also as an e-board member for a number of different clubs and organizations.

"I have learned a lot from my time as a senator on SGA. It has been the best thing I've done at MCLA," Krowitz said. "SGA does a ton for the campus and the community, and being a part of it has been incredible. It is so easy to become a leader on campus because the school cares about its students and wants to see them succeed."

A double major in both history and political science, Krowitz participated in "State House Appreciation Day" last fall.

"I have always wanted to visit the State House, so when I had the opportunity to go there on behalf of MCLA I was excited," he explained. "Talking with state representatives was eye- opening. I learned a lot about our school and the state. It was an awesome day, and I was proud to represent MCLA."

As a result of that experience, Krowitz has decided to pursue an internship with a member of the legislature this summer. In the meantime, he's added some extra political science classes to his course schedule.

While history was his favorite subject in high school, Krowitz decided to major in political science as well, after taking a few classes on the topic at MCLA.

"I have had a great academic experience," he said. "The professors are knowledgeable and care about their students' success. Now that my core coursework is out of the way, I can focus on subject matter that I'm most interested in, so I'm excited for my last couple of semesters."

Although he's yet to settle on one career, his main interest is law, and his dream job is to one day become a judge. "I'm really just excited to get out and explore my options."

In addition to his work with SGA, Krowitz has been involved in volunteer work and is a student-athlete.

"I have been on the tennis team for all three years, and I am now first in singles and doubles. I have learned a lot about being a leader from working with my teammates and helping them to improve their game," he said.

Originally, Krowitz planned to attend Union College in Schenctady, N.Y.  "However, MCLA was persistent. The affordability was a great selling point, but they sold me after I received phone calls every week and even got a birthday card. I decided to come here because I realized MCLA was a community that cared about my success."

Now he recommends MCLA to every prospective student he meets because, "Someone will always be willing to help you out, professors will care about your success, and they'll know your name."