Scholarship recipient aims to help others


Raised on the Ivory Coast and in Ghana until she moved to Brooklyn, N.Y., seven years ago, sociology major Marie-ange Anodjo '14 aims to work in international relations either as a translator, an ambassador or an advocate for others.

"I've always loved helping others," Anodjo said, "because at a young age I learned that there are people in this world less fortunate than I am. So, I made it one of my goals to help in any way possible.

"Coming to MCLA, there were so many ways I could help out that I just signed up until my plate was full. I love every club I've joined and community service project I've participated in. I just try to do my best each day," she added.

It was her volunteer work on campus and throughout the greater community that resulted in Anodjo receiving the Mitchell L. West Opportunity Scholarship for 2013-14.

This scholarship acknowledges students for their positive contributions to the College and community. It was created to honor West, a respected member of MCLA's administrative staff for 17 years, who served as the Individual Enrichment Program (IEP) Outreach Counselor in Admissions, and later as Coordinator of AHANA (African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American) Student Programs and Services.  

According to Anodjo, her academic experience at MCLA has been "amazing."

"All of the classes I've taken have been the best," she said. "I've learned a great deal, and I always learn something new. The classes offered in the sociology major are all unique - you will never have any repetition. You learn something new in each class period."

Outside of the classroom, Anodjo has served in a variety of leadership capacities, including as vice president of the Black Student Union and the treasurer of the Class of 2014.

From these experiences, "I learned how to be a leader and I found myself, in a way. The responsibilities I assumed - which I never thought I would do because of my shyness - have made me grow," Anodjo said. "I learned how to depend on others and let others depend on me. Most importantly, I've learned from my mistakes and how to move on with my life."

One day, she'd like to open a center for single mothers to help them find success in life. This center - which would feature a day care facility and instruction on how to conduct a successful job search - could be located in the United States or in a Third World country where the need for such help is significant, Anodjo said.

"Pregnant women or teens and their children are very important because those kids are the key to a better future," she explained.

What's the best part of being an MCLA student? For Anodjo, it's the clubs and activities the College has to offer.

"There is no way you can be a student at MCLA and not belong in a club. There is such a variety of clubs on campus that you will find the right match for you," she said. "And, if you still can't find one, you can create your own club."

From opportunities for internships to studying abroad, the options are limitless, Anodjo added.

"MCLA is your college, right from the start. You do not want to miss out on this wonderful experience."