Student exchange: from MCLA to Alabama


Last fall, communications major India Prevost '14 of Boston, Mass., experienced what it's like to attend not only another university, but one much larger and different culturally than MCLA, when she spent a semester at Alabama State University through the National Student Exchange (NSE) program.

Highlights of her experience included attending football games and navigating the "huge" campus, which allowed her to interact with greater numbers of students.

"It was great," said Prevost, whose best friend from high school also attends Alabama State. "I wanted to experience another communications program and see what networking I could do while in another state.

"The whole experience was different because of its location," she continued. "It was a great way to make new connections and experience another culture. The South is different from the North in so many ways - the food, slang, music, sports, and much more."

While there, the classes Prevost took - including an artist representation class where she learned how to be a manager and an entrepreneurship and communications class where she learned how to start and run her own business - reinforced her desire to become an entrepreneur.

Community-based classes, she said, gave her opportunities to work with others, as well as meet those with whom she may work in the future.

"These activities and experiences has helped me see how much I love MCLA and its professors, and to take everything seriously so that I can graduate with good grades," Prevost said. "It motivated me to keep pushing with my major and to always network."

Since she was in middle school, Prevost has worked in the radio business, which included serving several internships. In addition, she worked for a non-profit organization, "GRLZ Radio," as a violence prevention radio station.

From there, she was granted opportunities to work for some of the major radio stations in Boston. With this experience, she found her love for entertainment and broadcasting.

"That's why I chose to focus on and concentrate on broadcast media. What interests me most about the communications field of work is my ability and talent to become someone else when on camera or on the air behind a microphone," she explained. "The fact that I can communicate to the others and relay mass messages makes me feel important and somewhat helpful. I love being in front of a camera and talking on the radio."

Her career goals include a desire to work for a major network station such as BET, OWN or VH1, and to become a talk show host or a celebrity interviewer. "Overall, I'd love to do anything in the communications field that would allow me to use my voice to help others and to use my talents and skills."

Prevost, who transferred to MCLA for the second semester of her freshman year, is glad she made the switch.

"The MCLA professors are amazing, and the clubs and organizations help create a great community and environment," she said. "I am receiving hands-on training, and I know that, when I graduate, I will be 100 percent ready to working in my career field.

"The television and radio classes are amazing, and you learn much more than how the cameras work: you learn the behind-the-scenes stuff as well," Prevost added. "I would definitely recommend MCLA to prospective students."