Education for the future


Alexandra Kadell '16 of Franklin Square, Long Island, N.Y., chose to major in history and education on her way to becoming a teacher.

"I have always loved learning about history and wanted to expand my knowledge," Kadell explained. "I combined the education major as well so that I can teach others about history in the hope of inspiring and educating future students."

The most interesting thing about studying history at the college level, Kadell said, is the opportunity for a more in-depth examination of the topic. "Being allowed to interpret and grow upon different aspects of history allows me to become more aware of how our society is today."

Kadell kicked off her college career a little early when she participated in the LEAD (Leadership in Education, Action and Development) Academy the summer before her first semester at MCLA began. Her experiences at LEAD inspired her to become a leader on campus.

A member of the Student Government Association (SGA), Kadell serves as the parliamentarian and the vice president of the Class of 2016. She's also a peer advisor and an orientation leader, and has participated in the Harlequin theater club. In addition, she was a member of the Allegrettos, MCLA's a capella group.

Last fall, she joined a group of students who participated in "State University Appreciation Day," which gave her an opportunity to visit the State House.

"As a history major, it was incredible to see all the physical representations of our history within the building. It also expanded my knowledge about politics and how the people we vote for are truly voicing our concerns in government," Kadell said.

"I have learned so much from each activity I have been a part of," she continued. "I have learned about time management, responsibility, and the importance of how I am affecting my college community. Each activity - from governance to theater - has taught me various lessons. Through my leadership roles, my confidence and public speaking have increased tremendously."

As a high school student from New York state, Kadell decided to look at several SUNY colleges and one campus in Massachusetts when she was considering where she should pursue her bachelor's degree.

"The plan was to look at MCLA, then move down to the different New York schools," she explained. However, "Once I arrived at MCLA for the first time, I loved the school. What attracted me most was the small campus, small class sizes, the affordability, the community, the people at MCLA, and of course the aspect of being away from home.

"I couldn't find those characteristics at the other schools I looked at during that trip. When I returned home, I knew MCLA was the school for me. It truly was my college, right from the start."

The best part about being an MCLA student, Kadell said, is knowing that her personality shines here.

"I know that I can find help from anyone on campus. There is always something I can do on campus. Most importantly, I know that I am not just seen as a number, a bill or just another student, but a person who is being educated for the future."