A passion for politics


As a youth in middle and high school, Brendan Peltier '15 of Worcester, Mass., would read the newspaper every morning. "I loved engaging with other students, teachers, and my family about politics because it is a subject that affects every person - internationally and globally."

This week, Peltier is in Toronto, Canada, where he's participating in the North American Model United Nations Conference with students from the world, as they consider matters of critical global concern.

Passionate about politics, Peltier - whose major is political science and public policy - one day aims to serve as a local- or state-elected official on his way to becoming a governor - or even the President of the United States.

"No matter where you come from - what language you speak, what skin color you have, or even what your personal background story is - politics and government will affect and change your life," he said.

This week's Model UN experience isn't the first time Peltier has traveled beyond the campus to experience what it's like to work in the political arena. Last year, he participated in State House Day in Boston, Mass.

"Representing MCLA, while thanking the senators and representatives for their continued hard work, allowed me to fully understand the job that these congressional men and women are doing," Peltier explained. "Days like these enhance my educational experience because I am being put in hands-on, real world experiences that will help engage and prepare me for what I will, hopefully, some day do."

According to Peltier, his academic experience and opportunities for leadership at MCLA are "amazing."

"I have been working with professors who know what they are teaching and push me to excel, but they also allow me to go to events to put politics in real, live contexts. The outside experiences I am given really help to enforce the classroom information I am learning. It will make a big different when applying for jobs or graduate school."

The opportunities he has at MCLA, Peltier added, will help him a become a better leader as he moves forward with his political career.

The executive vice president of the Student Government Association (SGA) and a residence advisor on campus, Peltier represented MCLA on the Regional Board of Directors for the North East Affiliation of Colleges and University Residents Hall, where he is the regional director of all New England schools - the largest student-run organization to better institutions and residents halls for students. 

And, through his job at MCLA President Mary Grant's office, he attends testimonials, hearings, and other firsthand political events while he represents MCLA.

"These activities have already contributed to my growth, and I can see that with my confidence, knowledge, willingness to help others and a more mature personality," Peltier said.

Another great part of being an MCLA student, according to Peltier, include the opportunity to study with world class professors in state-of-the-art buildings.

"This institution is very unique! There is something for everybody, whether it's athletics, acting, dancing, politics, or just studying in the amazing academic programs. MCLA is revolutionizing higher education, and this is an opportunity every potential college-bound individual should pursue.  I am very fortunate to be a part of this amazing, up-and-coming institution."