The key to success


Inspired by her mother and grandmother's involvement in politics and driven by her fascination with government and history, Samantha Beaton '17 of Weymouth, Mass., is studying political science at MCLA.

"I just am really passionate about America," she said. "Tip O'Neil always stated that 'politics is local,' and I am a firm believer that charity starts at home. I am very interested in getting involved in what is going on around me and helping to better our communities, states and country."

Also involved with the campus community, Beaton recently participated in the "Bus Tour of Civil Rights Sites in the American South" over spring break. And, last fall, she traveled to Boston to take part in "State University Appreciation Day. Then, she toured the State House, visited the Senate and House chambers, and met with members of the Berkshire delegation.

"I saw it as the perfect opportunity to go to Beacon Hill and show my appreciation for our legislators," she said. "I realized how amazing state schools are. The fact that we are funded by the beautiful state of Massachusetts and receive so much love from our government is incredible. I am so proud of getting my higher education at a state university."

Her tour of civil rights sites in the South with history professor Dr. Frances Jones-Sneed and other students had a much greater impact on her than she expected it would.

"I did not just learn about the Civil Rights Movement; I felt the movement. Going to the South and seeing and feeling history gave me a whole new outlook on life. I now realize the sacrifice these people made for future generations. Freedom fighters risked their lives so others can live free today. I feel that now it is up to me to repay them by continuing to fight for equality and erasing the ignorance that people seem to still carry today," Beaton said.

She also serves as a senator-at-large with the Student Government Association (SGA). "I love it," Beaton said. "I hope to remain involved in SGA because I enjoy providing a voice for my peers."

Beaton says the key to success is getting involved.

"Participating in different clubs and organizations can be difficult to juggle, however; it is so worth it. It's where you meet amazing people who share the same interests and passions as you do," she explained.

While Beaton still is considering a number of political science career options, she's leaning toward working in education.

"I am very impressed by MCLA's professors; they are all very nice and personable," she said.

Beaton knew MCLA was the right school for her the first time she toured the campus. She says the best part of being an MCLA student is feeling the warmth of the campus community: "Everyone is very accepting and friendly."

"MCLA is a hidden gem," she continued. "The Berkshires is a beautiful place! I am a city girl and thought I was coming out to the boonies. However, I was completely wrong and have discovered the beauty of the mountains.

"I am receiving a great education and meeting some of my best friends here. Moving out to the Berkshires for school provided me with a whole different lifestyle experience I would not have received elsewhere."