English major: 'MCLA is a truly vibrant place'


Ama Bemma Adwetewa-Badu '16 of Worcester, Mass., came to MCLA to study what she loves as she prepares for her dream career as a poetry professor.

"When I was a child I found out that writing provided an extra form of expression. I also realized that literature and books created a way for me to understand the thoughts and the expressions of others," Adwetewa-Badu said.

She decided to major in English to delve deeper into the ways that language and expression work together.

At MCLA, "I've had the pleasure of reading so many books that I never knew existed! I feel that being an English major with a writing concentration gives me the opportunity to creatively and consistently understand the world around me through the words of others."

According Adwetewa-Badu, "MCLA is honestly the best place for me. I've been given so many opportunities that I doubt I would have received elsewhere."

These opportunities began even prior to her freshman year. The summer before her first semester, she participated in LEAD Academy, a high-impact, service learning and leadership program.

"Through the knowledge I gained through that program, I found myself branching out and trying a multitude of things," Adwetewa-Badu said.

A member of  the Student Government Association (SGA) for the past two years, this fall she'll serve as its coordinating vice-president - which has been a longtime goal. The volunteer coordinator for the MCLA Berkshire Food Project, Adwetewa-Badu also belongs to the SPIRES literary arts magazine and the Christian Fellowship clubs.

"In my two years here I've been able to take a variety of classes. Next semester, I plan on being a teaching assistant for a literature course, and having an independent study about poetry," she said. "All of my professors have been extremely supportive and helpful. I've really enjoyed my discussion-based classes. Through those classes, I've been able to question certain topics and learn. The learning environment has allowed me to grow with a community of scholars."

Although she arrived on campus with the expectation that she would continue the research she did in her high school's International Baccalaureate (IB) program, "I never could have guessed how in-depth my research would be! During my spring break I was given the chance to travel to Great Britain (see above photo) and conduct research on their gardens in relation to the women of the Tudor renaissance.

"This does not directly tie into my future career plans, but the actual activity of researching material at such an intense level is an invaluable skill that I'll need for the rest of my life," Adwetewa-Badu said.

As an Admissions ambassador, Adwetewa-Badu frequently shows visitors around the campus.

"During tours, parents and students always ask me what I love the most about the school. My answer constantly changes," she said. "MCLA cares about you as a person and not as a number. The small classes allow students to truly engage with the content at hand. MCLA is a place that gives students the chance to expand and grow intellectually. The most important thing to me is that MCLA is a truly vibrant place that allows for creativity, exploration and growth.

After she graduates, Adwetewa-Badu plans to attend graduate school to earn her Ph.D. in literature. "I would love to dive deeper into many of the topics I have touched upon here."