Business major urges students to get involved


Business administration major Kraig Page '15 of Brooklyn, N.Y., said deciding to become an orientation leader this summer was "one of the best choices I have made in my life."

"I wanted to learn more about what my school has to offer," Page explained, "and I want the incoming students to know what we have to offer, as well."

In addition to working as an orientation leader and a peer advisor, Page is a member of MCLA's varsity men's basketball team.

In fact, MCLA's basketball team - along with the Affordable New York (ANY)  resident tuition reduction the campus offers - was a primary reason he decided to attend the College.

"MCLA President Mary Grant attends all of the basketball games, and knows me by my first name," he said. "I don't know many presidents that know their students by their first name. All of the faculty members are caring, and they want to see me succeed. I feel like they believe in me, and that is a big deal to me. Where I am from, not many people are as lucky as I am to even make it to college."

This year, Page plans to take advantage of one of the many travel courses MCLA offers to see more of the world, and to join the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).

While he's among the campus's most active students, that wasn't always the case. When he first transferred to MCLA, Page kept mostly to the gym and the dining hall.

"Boy was I missing out. There are so many clubs, organizations, and resources that we offer here. There is something for everyone. I wish I had gotten involved sooner," he said.

As an orientation leader, he's spending the summer encouraging others to get involved. "It's such a rewarding position, because you get to help the incoming freshmen feel more comfortable and you are able to open their eyes to what the school has to offer," Page said.

This fall, Page will serve an internship as an event manager in Athletics, working with the department's assistant director, Dot Houston.

"I'll have the opportunity to do a little bit of everything, from setting up games to making sure our team has transportation, to handling finances. There is so much behind-the-scenes action that goes into one sporting event," he said.

Page decided to major in business administration because of the many career choices it offers.

"You have the option to branch out into marketing, management, accounting, finance or human resources, just to name a few," he explained. "You learn so much useful information that can help you in any career. As a business major, you'll know how to plan, organize and manage. That is important to nearly every company."

His dream job is to be involved with collegiate athletics, either as a men's basketball coach or a director of athletics.

Page said he'd "definitely" recommend MCLA to prospective students.

"There is so much diversity here on campus, and everyone is sort of like one big family. We all have different interests, but we all care about each other. I cannot get over how much the faculty really care about the students. I have never seen a staff as great as the one here at MCLA. This is truly a home away from home for me."