'MCLA creates opportunities'


Rachel Green '17 of Peterborough, N.Y., has always enjoyed working with children. "Watching children learn and grow is very rewarding, especially when I have a part in their experience," she said.  

This elementary education major also added interdisciplinary studies as a second major, because, "One needs to be well-rounded in their education, and interdisciplinary studies allows for that."

Since arriving on campus last fall, Green has learned that, "Even though MCLA is a small college, its opportunities are huge." This past year, she took a wide variety of classes and became involved in a diverse assortment of activities - both on and off campus.

"When students get involved, it makes campus more enjoyable for the entire student body," she said. In addition, "MCLA creates opportunities for everyone, no matter what their interest may be."

A student-athlete and an Admissions ambassador, Green also joined a couple of the College's advisory boards, which allow students to plan activities and to have their voice heard on a wide range of matters, such as issues regarding their residence hall and the campus community.

As a member of the MCLA women's lacrosse club, Green worked hard to help make women's lacrosse MCLA's newest varsity sport, beginning this 2014-15 academic year.

"Adding lacrosse is exciting for my team and the MCLA community," she said. "There are many girls that played lacrosse in high school, and this gives us the opportunity to continue to compete in a sport we love."

Green also traveled to Belize on an Alternative Spring Break last semester, which enabled her and other MCLA students to volunteer their time at a local elementary school. In addition to painting the school, the students repaired desks and chairs, built a sidewalk, and also worked in the classroom with students.

"I am so thankful for MCLA to have created this opportunity, because it was an incredible experience," Green said. After helping out in the Belize classroom, "I would love to potentially travel to different countries to work with many schools that are in need." 

Belize wasn't the only opportunity Green had to gain classroom experience in her freshman year. She also joined STICS (Student-Teacher In-Class Support), which allowed her to volunteer in a North Adams classroom.

She is glad that she chose MCLA.

"The MCLA education department spends a lot of time with their students," Green explained. "I have received personal advice and guidance within the department. The opportunity to receive experience of a field placement in an elementary school early in a college career is beneficial.

"I chose MCLA because of the location, size and the affordability," she continued. "The best part of being an MCLA student is the size of the classes, and seeing how the professors become involved in your academic success.

"The professors are always very approachable and are very willing to help in any area. Due to the small class size, participating in class, getting to know the professors and classmates is very easy."