'Plenty of opportunities to find your niche'


"MCLA was the least expensive school I applied to, but it had the most to offer," said Greg Wilson '15 of Millbrook, N.Y.

While the price, the hospitality, and the wide variety of clubs available to students were key to his decision to join the campus, "Most importantly, I knew that I would fit in somewhere."

A double major in English/public relations and psychology, he's a co-president for the Allegrettos, an cappella club, belongs to the Harlequin musical theater group, and is a member of MCLA's Shakespeare club, Yorick.

This summer, he's working as an orientation leader because of his own orientation experience as an incoming freshman.

"The orientation leaders were so nice and they really looked like they were having fun," Wilson explained. "I wanted to give new students that same feeling. Doing this work has taught me so much about working with others, communicating effectively, and building connections with people."

Also involved with Student Teacher In-Class Support (STICS), Wilson volunteered in a fourth grade class at nearby Brayton Elementary School, where he helped students with writing, math, and other subjects.

"It was really fun, and a great way to get involved in the community," he said.

Last semester, Wilson took a travel course, "Arts of Medieval and Renaissance Britain," where he learned about British culture, history and art as the class traveled to York, Edinburgh, and London during the spring break.

Within his English major, "There is such an array of classes to take," he said. "Even with my PR concentration, I have taken literature, writing, and broadcast media courses, all within one department. The courses are also interactive and the professors of those courses push you to think in new ways."

Wilson describes the Psychology Department as "absolutely fantastic."

"Every psychology class I have ever taken has been informative, and anything but boring. There are so many opportunities for research and extra learning experiences, which really tells a great deal about the department."

He added, "The variety of classes I have taken outside of psychology and English - including anthropology, philosophy and science courses - have broadened my horizons as a learner. Through these classes I have learned how to think in different ways and observe from different perspectives."

The best part of being an MCLA student, according to Wilson, is the support system. "The professors are happy to talk to you and offer advice, along with the rest of the faculty and staff, and you always have the support of the friends you make here."

What does he want prospective students to know about MCLA?

"They should always ask questions. We have some amazing professors who are waiting for students to talk to them and build connections. There are so many people at MCLA who want to help students succeed, but they cannot do that unless students make the initial connection.

"I would definitely recommend MCLA," Wilson continued. "We have such a great community in which people care and help each other out. There is always something to do, plenty of opportunities to find your niche, and you can always enjoy the wonders that the Berkshires have to offer."