'MCLA has so much to offer'


Kelli Furney '15 of Camden, N.Y., spent the summer helping new students and their parents to become familiar with the MCLA campus, college life, and what to expect when school begins in just a few short weeks.

"As a transfer student, I knew what other colleges had to offer and I wanted to tell the incoming students that MCLA does have everything that they may be looking for," she explained. "It was great to meet the students, to answer questions, and to be there for them at a time when they are nervous and going through tremendous changes."

She decided to transfer to MCLA because she wanted to be challenged at a campus with a variety of resources available to students.

"MCLA has an amazing networking system where students can find internships and really expand their knowledge," Furney said.

She also discovered that MCLA promotes an environment that allows students to become involved in classroom discussions that are more in-depth than those at larger schools.

"Because of the small student-to-faculty ratio, the professors are able to devote more attention to the individual student, rather than just teaching to the masses, which I find extremely helpful," she said.

When Furney arrived on campus, she had no particular interest in research in psychology. However, after taking a psychology research seminar, "everything changed." Now, she's a psychology major, and she has presented her individual research at the last two Undergraduate Research Conferences at MCLA.

Involved in three separate research groups, Furney's work also was presented at both the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC) conference in October and the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in April.

"The ability to look into a subject and conduct real research that propels a subject forward is amazing. When you research a subject you are contributing to the field on a personal level, even if your results are not significant," she said.

Ideally, Furney would like to work for the FBI's behavior analysis unit. She's in the process of applying to several doctoral programs to study either social/personality psychology or behavior neuroscience.

Her activities on campus include participating in the Shakespeare theater club, Yorick.

"My experiences with Yorick are by far the most memorable of my college career. I absolutely love Yorick, the environment, the people, the work ethic - everything. Last semester, I was lucky enough to be the spring director of Pericles, Prince of Tyre. It was the most difficult, exciting and worthwhile experience I have ever had. We overcame countless obstacles and put hundreds of hours of work into the production. I have never been prouder of my work," she said.

In addition to her work this summer as an orientation leader, as the newly elected president of MCLA's chapter of the international honors society for psychology, Psi Chi, Furney is compiling a plan of action for the upcoming academic year to expand its presence on campus.

Furney recommends MCLA to prospective students.

"Whether it is an amazing academic program, a professor who genuinely cares about your education and individual success, a club or sports team where you can express yourself or your creative talents. MCLA has so much to offer."