The Right Choice


They are enrolled in two very different majors, but Megan Wenk '13 (above) of Chatham, NY, and Alexander Bahrawy '13 of East Sandwich, MA, both enjoy the hands-on experience MCLA provides.

"The environmental courses here are very hands-on, which is why I like it so much," says Wenk. "The classes accommodate my interest this way and are flexible enough to let me figure out what I want to do in the environmental area of study."

Wenk is majoring in environmental studies. She plans to become a landscape architect.

"I really think that I would enjoy creating environmentally-friendly areas, and the creativity involved is right up my alley," she says.

Bahrawy, who starred in the musical Grease and a number of other plays while in high school, is pursuing a career in the theater.

"There are so many chances and opportunities for a theater major at MCLA," he says. "The College itself is a gateway to a bright future. The courses here cover myriad topics that I will need to grow as an actor. MCLA offers everything in the spectrum of theater."

In addition to stage acting, he wants to pursue opportunities in television and film.

"I'm very passionate about acting, because it allows me to put on a mask," he says. "With that mask I gain a new identity and purpose. I get to become someone else for just a short while. Acting allows me to become in tune with the emotions of others, because I can learn from the personalities of each character I play."

Bahrawy says he chose MCLA because he felt a strong connection to the campus and the faculty here.

"When I first went to visit MCLA last year, I got the chance to speak with some of the theater teachers. They seemed generally interested in helping me achieve my goals, and that made a world of difference to me," he says. "I also felt that MCLA would be able to offer me anything I wanted or needed in my educational journey. I am positive that I made the right choice."

Wenk, who earned college credit while still in high school through SUNY-Albany, says, "MCLA seemed to offer the best opportunity for my first year. By choosing MCLA I have been able to be on a Division III women's soccer team, be an engaged student, and still be close to home."

She and Bahrawy are also taking advantage of MCLA's location in the beautiful Berkshires.

"I enjoy snowboarding a lot during the winter months, playing soccer, and meeting new people," says Wenk, who plans to join the ski club.

Hiking is a hobby of Bahrawy's, who says Berkshire County is "breathtaking." He's also happy to be a part of community life at the College.

"I expect that my education at MCLA will be wonderful. I'm very satisfied with my courses and teachers, and I feel like this is truly the best place for me to be," he says. "MCLA will further my aspirations and help me achieve all that I want to do. I am extremely glad to be part of the MCLA family and I look forward to a bright future on campus."