Business in the People's Republic


In today's global economy, MCLA is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to see and experience other countries. One such opportunity is a travel course to China, taught by Dr. Ben Kahn, a professor in business administration and economics. Students who take his Business With and In China class will enjoy a multinational, historical and cultural tour March 11-21, 2010.

China is an emerging giant with a 5,000-year history. The world's most populous nation, it boasts the fastest-growing major economy, is a manufacturing and business superpower, and serves as a key player in the new global politics of the 21st century.

Marvin Thompson '10 of Springfield, MA, who participated in last spring's course, says his China experience was transformative.

"I got a chance to not only travel to another country, but to learn another way of life," he says. "The Chinese people are all about love, loyalty, passion, family, and respect. I got the gift of traveling with close friends that I have here at MCLA. The travel class not only taught me about business, but how everyday life lessons translate to successful business."

Students who travel to China will visit four main cities: Beijing, Xi'an, Suzhou, and Shanghai.

In Beijing, they will visit the National People's Congress, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, The Great Wall, the site of the 2008 Summer Olympics, the Summer Palace, and Temple of the Heavens. One of the four great ancient capitals of China, Xi'an students will see the Terracotta Warriors and the Shaanxi Provincial Museum and take a tour of the city.

The visit to Shanghai will include corporate tours at General Motors and Volkswagen, including meetings with production executives. Students also will visit the Shanghai Stock Market and meet with members of its board of directors and tour the World Trade Organization Consultation Center, the Bund Business District, the Pearl Communication and Television Tower, and the Shanghai Museum.

Home to 19 million people from all over the world, Shanghai truly is an international city, Kahn says. A highlight of the trip is a meeting with the faculty, staff and students at the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (SIFT), where MCLA students may exchange ideas and network.

Students who participated in the experience last spring "came away with a tremendous appreciation of the United States as a free nation, with tremendous resources and unlimited opportunities," says Kahn. "This experience gave them the vision and platform to make the best of their education and to do things they would not have otherwise thought of doing." 

Students may travel to China for $2,244, which is the actual cost of the trip. For more information, go to Experience/travelcourses/businessinchina/