The Show Must Go On



After graduating from MCLA last spring, Brinn Kingsley '09 of Methuen, MA, took her fine and performing arts degree - which included a double concentration in theatre and arts management - to The Juilliard School of New York City. She was selected from among the thousands who apply to intern at Juilliard each year, to serve a year-long production assistant internship. This experience allows her to work in many aspects of theatrical production, including stage management.

Kingsley wanted to work at Juilliard because of its standing as America's number-one theatre school, and because of the networking opportunities it provides her as she meets those who work on Broadway and beyond.

Her first few months were spent in Juillard's business office. Kingsley next became involved with a variety of stage projects and managed small events such as orchestra and jazz concerts. However, as exciting and challenging as she finds her work, living in New York City has been an experience in itself, she says.

"It is an amazing place," Kingsley explains. "I love walking around the city on my days off and not knowing where I might end up. One day I ended up at Central Park, another day at Macy's, and another day at Rockefeller Center. Every weekend is a new adventure."

In November, Kingsley became the assistant stage manager of Ionescapade, the third-year drama student production.

"That was an exciting experience alone because I got to work alongside the third-year drama students, some of whom I made friends with," she says. "Now, I am the stage manager for the third-year Cabaret that will be performed in February."

Through a teaching program called "Production Exposure," Kingsley helps first- and second-year Juilliard students get a feel of what goes on behind the scenes.

"Many students come into Juilliard not knowing anything about production work, such as how a set gets built or the huge process of putting a production together," she explains. "In the end, the students have such great respect for you and look up to you which is quite amazing, because these are people who could be the next big stars on Broadway. It's inspiring."

Kingsley says MCLA prepared her to be the best person she can be.

"I learned that everyone makes mistakes, but that's how one learns, and by learning from those mistakes one can do anything," she explains. "MCLA made me believe in myself and believing in myself made it possible for me to take such a huge step in my life and move to NYC and go to the most amazing theatre school in the country. I have everyone at MCLA who told me I could do it to thank. They really helped me through everything, and not just by their teaching in the classroom, but by their guidance."

With her MCLA degree, "I am basically able to do anything in theatre," says Kingsley. "I have knowledge in every aspect which I have discovered is great for teaching. My goal is to work in a community theatre as possibly a stage manager or director while teaching classes in theatre. My lifelong goal, however, is to open up a theatre school one day with all the knowledge I have learned from college and from Juilliard."