Making a Contribution



While the majority of students come to MCLA from Massachusetts and the surrounding Berkshire County, the campus community includes students from throughout the United States and the world.

Quincy Goodwin '12 was born in St. Johns, Antigua - a small island in the Caribbean about twice the size of Washington, D.C.  While here in the U.S. - and when he's not at MCLA - he calls Boston his home.

He chose MCLA because of its small class sizes and the affordable tuition. "It also offers beautiful scenery away from the large city," says Goodwin. "It's a lovely area here, very serene. It's a nice break from the city life of trains, planes, busses, rush hour and pollution."

Goodwin lost no time in getting involved on campus as a first-year student. In addition to being a member of the Black Student Union, he is involved with theater groups such as Yorick and Harlequin, and is a member of Allegrettos, an a capella choir.

"I love the performing arts. Being involved in these extra-curricular activities has given me the chance to share my talents with others and meet many other talented people. It's a great feeling to perform with others who love to do the same."

Goodwin also is involved in the Multicultural Student Society and is a member of the Multicultural Student Admission Squad

"I attend events such as open house days and interact with potential MCLA students and their parents to share with them my experience here," he explains. "This is important because this student squad portrays the diversity present here at MCLA. ... Our presence is one that makes them feel that they are represented on campus."

He also serves as a host for the Multicultural Overnight Program, which introduces high school juniors and seniors to various aspects of college life at MCLA. In 2009 as a high school senior, Goodwin visited the campus through this program, which he says he very much appreciated.

"This year, I decided that it was time to 'pay it forward' and be a host to a potential student so that they may appreciate this program as well," Goodwin explains. "It wasn't until I became a host that I had a full grasp of the value and importance of this program."

Goodwin feels he contributes the most to the campus community by fulfilling what is expected of MCLA students.

"I maintain a good grade point average. I get involved. I cooperate with the rules and regulations, and I contribute whatever I can," he says. "I may do some of the things a college student stereotypically does but, at the end of the day, I am Quincy Goodwin, the sometimes quiet and reserved guy who has a sure sense of self and an adamant attitude in pursuing what works for me. I came to college to get an education.

"I'm still discovering what this college has to offer," Goodwin continues. "I admire MCLA for its promise of small classes and the friendly atmosphere. This college also has a lot of potential and that's where I feel I fit in. I ended up here for a reason."