Powerful Experience


Last August, eight MCLA students traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland, to attend the world-acclaimed Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The all-expense paid trip was made possible by an MCLA supporter. The six-day trip allowed the students, who were selected through a competitive process, to attend live performances of music, dance, opera and theater.

The International Festival, which showcases the best of the performing arts from around the world, allowed these students to experience world-class performing arts. The Fringe Festival involves thousands of artists who perform on the "fringe" of the International Festival, all at their own expense, and offers an eclectic range of performances.

Each day, students went to a couple of events selected ahead of time, then had time on their own to attend performances chosen from among the thousands offered through the Fringe Festival.  The performances they saw included a dance by the world-renowned Matthew Bourne, a German opera and a play performed by the National Theatre of Scotland. They also participated in a talk-back with international playwright Nigel Williams and conversations with producers.

"The trip was a wonderful opportunity," said student Sara Sambrook '09. "It was amazing seeing so many high-quality shows in such a short amount of time. One of the highlights for me was seeing the ballet 'Dorian Gray.' I'd never seen live ballet before; it was incredible."

Robyn Warfield '10 noted that the trip provided unique perspectives as well. "I am a theater major and I am interested in lighting design. I learned a lot about lighting design on this trip, and I saw new, creative ways to light a stage. It was a wonderful experience."