The Right Fit


George Malone '83, left, with Joanne and Phil Maynard, who also are members of the Class of 1983.


For George Malone '83, the choice to enroll at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts - then North Adams State College - was an easy one.

"I liked what I saw when I visited the campus," said Malone, now the senior vice president and managing director of Fidelity Investment's retirement services division. "I liked the smallness. I realized that I would have the opportunity to be more focused and get a better education than I would at a larger school.

"In contrast to UMass-Amherst, it was a small campus with a small student body," he said. "I was the fourth child to go to college, so attending a state school was definitely part of my marching orders. I applied to and was accepted at all of the state schools. I just felt that MCLA fit."

Malone received a bachelor's degree in history with a minor in political science from the College, but quickly found himself working in the business field after graduation.

"I was in a similar situation to what graduates will face this year," he said. "We were in the midst of a recession and I had to figure out what direction I was going in - if I was going to go to graduate school or go to work full time. I began working at Fidelity part-time and got in on the ground floor when the 401k plans started taking off."

Twenty-four years later, he's still with the company, but he didn't let his undergraduate degree go to waste. During the Reagan administration, Malone was part of Vice President George H.W. Bush's volunteer advance press team.

"It was pretty exciting - I was part of the team that would seek out the key people the vice president would want to meet with before an event and brief them about his speech," Malone said.

He's also applied his liberal arts education inside the board room.

"I'm a big believer in the liberal arts education - I've been able to go beyond the economic models and make tough decisions because of the dynamics of my education," he said. "I've been able to help my clients - Fortune 500 clients - face some major challenges. I'm also able to help keep them up to date with the new President's legislative agenda because of my background."