Dan Bosley Speaks at Northern Berkshire Adult Basic Education Program Year-End Celebration


NORTH ADAMS, MA - Representative Daniel E. Bosley, D-North Adams, spoke at a year-end celebration of the Northern Berkshire Adult Basic Education Program (NBABE) at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) on Thursday, May 13. The event served to recognize student participation and achievements. 

NBABE offers basic skills, GED and "English as a Second Language" classes, as well as preparation for post secondary education. Classes are offered at three sites in northern Berkshire: MCLA, CT Plunkett Elementary School in Adams and the Milne Public Library in Williamstown.  

Throughout his career, Bosley has been a proponent of NBABE.  According to Thelma Margulies, coordinator of the program, "He understands the students, the challenges they go through and he commemorates their efforts. He knows it makes a big difference in their everyday lives."

Bosley said, "Education is the key to advancing yourself in employment and beyond.  The literacy skills gained through this program give you the tools needed not only to seize opportunities but also to be able to read to your children."

The 30-plus-year-old organization recently added some new programs, including Next Steps.  Next Steps helps a student explore opportunities after getting his or her GED, and includes career training.  Another new class being offered is a math lab with a focus on computer-based learning for GED math preparation and beyond.  So far this year, the program had six teenaged students pass the GED and an additional 12 people who took the test this month. 

A key factor of the program is to help students build success skills.

"The success of the program is not strictly due to academics," Margulies said. "Executive functioning skills, or 'soft skills,' help students succeed in any venue and arms them with skills such as time management, reliability, responsibility and follow through."

For additional information about the NBABE Program, contact Margulies at MCLA, 413-664-5310 or go to