Technology Changes


Freel Library will sport technology changes from top to bottom this fall. 

On the top floor seven computer stations have been added that function just like the ones in the Murdock general computing labs.  They are available for walkup use any time the Library is open.

Also on the top floor, modern "thin clients" have replaced old PCs used for email checking and light typing.  A networked laser printer serves these computers and also allows wireless printing from laptops.


On the main floor three lab machines have been added in the study room next to the circulation desk and two more thin clients are around the corner from the on-line database stations.

At the circulation desk patrons can now check out brand new Dell wireless laptops for use at other locations within the building.  With the laptop are audio headsets for private media viewing and small portable scanners that can be checked out while in the building. 

On the lower level, a prototype computer collaboration station is available.  The station provides a computer with a 32 inch monitor for two to three students to gather around.  It has jacks for headphones to share audio and a DVD/VCR.  Feedback about this station will be used to design additional stations over the coming year.