Campus leader


In addition to majoring in arts management with a minor in business, Michael Obasohan '11, of Boston, Mass., is an orientation leader. This experience, he said, is an important contribution to his academic experience.

During the orientation events - which take place during the summer to get first-year students ready to hit the ground running in the fall - the freshmen gather for an overnight program.

"That way, they have two days to get to know each other," Obasohan explained. "I met a few friends during orientation because I had time to interact with them. Besides testing and registering we had a fun night with games and activities."

As an orientation leader, "I gain people skills and how to communicate information easily as possible," Obasohan said. "Parents come to orientation with questions and you need to be ready to answer them with a good response. I learn something new about MCLA every year I do Orientation, things that I can use during the school year to help me succeed."

According to Obasohan, while MCLA has changed him in many positive ways, the experience he has had as an orientation leader has been particularly helpful.

"Before I got to MCLA I was this shy guy that hardly talked in front of a group of people. Now I'm talking in front of 90 students during each orientation," he said. "That was a big change for me."

Beyond his orientation experiences, Obasohan is involved with LEAD Academy - a four-day, student-led program for freshmen that engages them in the community and in the classroom.

Obasohan - who wants to earn a master's degree in business and to one day create his own casting agency - also is a member of the MCLA dance company, where he is a choreographer. He also is a member of the Nexxus step team, where he also choreographs and serves as captain.  

"These other activities encourage me to always be on my toes. They keep me thinking creatively. Between all the clubs there is always something for me to plan. They keep my mind going. Each one of these clubs teaches me responsibility and time management. No one is going to ask you to choreograph a step so that you will have something to teach during practice, you have to establish that on your own. When in a leadership position, everyone is looking up to you," Obasohan explained.

MCLA is helping Obasohan to achieve his goals by keeping him fully engaged - from his activities to his courses.

"Every class I take is hands-on," he said. "The one thing that stands out to me is the campus size. It's not too small or too big. It's the right size for me. You get personal attention from every professor, and they remember who you are."