Television Career


Nate Haney '08 is employed at his dream job at the New England Sports Network (NESN), a cable television network in the Boston area.  A graduate of MCLA's English/communications program, he works as a studio technician.

"I operate camera for the Red Sox and Bruins pre- and post-game shows. I also work on a daily sports news show, called NESN Daily, and do stage managing and some lighting work," Haney said. "I've always been interested in sports, especially baseball and hockey. This works out nicely because those are the two sports that we cover the most at the New England Sports Network. It was a good fit."

His first job in the field out of college, he's been at NESN since March 2009, when he began as a contract employee, hired to work through November during the Red Sox season. After that, Haney then did a variety of freelance work for some Boston sport channels, helping to televise home games for the Celtics and the Bruins.

"Then I got back to NESN in March 2010 for my second season, and did the entire Red Sox season again. In October, they offered me a permanent staff position as a studio technician, so now I'm here year 'round," he said.

At MCLA, Haney hadn't narrowed what he wanted to do to a specific aspect of the television. "I wanted to do technical work and I wanted to do a little bit of producing, as well. Right now, I'm focusing on the technical."

Haney did not start out at MCLA: he first earned his associate's degree in broadcasting and electronic media from Mount Wachusett in Gardner, Mass. With that completed, he decided to transfer to MCLA because, "Out of all the schools that Mount Wachusett had transfer agreements with, the most credits were going to transfer over to MCLA.

"So I decided to check out the school. My goal was to finish college within four years, no matter what. When it came time to start looking at schools to transfer to, MCLA came up. It was a nice, small campus - close-knit. It's not like ridiculously large class sizes," Haney said.

He decided to attend an open house event, where he toured the campus and met some of the professors in the English/communications department.

"I just fell in love with the campus and the people. Everyone was just so nice. Everyone went out of their way to help me and show me around. I could tell they were genuine. When I came back as a student, they proved it. I saw people I had met at the open house whom I hadn't seen since then. They remembered my name, or at the very least remembered who I was. On the first day there, to have that close-knit feeling made me really want to stay," Haney said.

The liberal arts school provided him with a well-rounded education by requiring Haney to take a variety of classes. This included a course in modernism, taught by Dr. David Langston.

"Right away, I knew what he was talking about and there was never any doubt in my mind about that. As soon as I got to MCLA, I saw that the professors were very skilled and trained in their fields," Haney said. "And, they're all very open to helping you. I never walked up to a professor who wasn't willing to help me out if I had an issue."