Alumnus Abroad


Inspired by MCLA history professors Dr. Anthony Daly and Dr. Kailai Huang, and by the College's president, Dr. Mary K. Grant, Greg Rosen '09 of Holden, Mass., now lives in the United Kingdom as he pursues graduate studies at Swansea University, in Wales.

In spring 2008, Rosen participated in Daly's travel course to France, and heard the professor's stories of the time he lived in Ireland. "Another experience was taking 'Asia and the West' with Dr. Huang, which made me realize how much of a global community we truly are, and it inspired me to explore more of it. And, President Grant encouraged me to explore the world and to find out more about it," Rosen said.

"I choose Swansea in particular because of the beautiful Gower peninsula, which is an outdoor person's dream come true because of the awesome view, which goes on for miles," he explained. "Also, I choose Swansea because of the very large amounts of activities to do within and outside the city. The people are so very friendly and welcoming, and the area has many important historical sites."

Rosen is appreciating the differences found in Wales.

"The Welsh national sport is rugby, which they have several large stadiums in the vicinity of Swansea and the capital Cardiff. Furthermore, one of the main foods are Welsh cakes, which - take it from me - are awesome," Rosen said.

Going to graduate school overseas has allowed Rosen to travel throughout that part of the world. In addition to visiting English and Welsh castles, he has been to the Avebury stone ruins - the largest circular stone ruins in the world - and Stonehenge.

"Furthermore, I have seen the city of Edinburgh, which was very beautiful, and the city of London," he said. "While visiting Ireland, I got to see the area in and around Shannon." As part of an ancient historical conference, he recently traveled to Durnham and the nearby Binchester Roman fort.

Previously a transfer student to the College from Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, Mass., Rosen said, before coming to MCLA, he could never have imagined that he would have the opportunity to study in Wales.

A history major at MCLA, Rosen is studying at Swansea for his master's degree in ancient history and classical culture, which he expects to complete in September. After that, he plans to earn his doctorate at the University of St. Andrew's University in Scotland.

According to Rosen, the biggest thing to be gained from studying abroad is the opportunity to come into contact with many different people from a variety of cultures, and to get to know the world outside the boundaries of the classroom.

"This will enhance my career because it allows me to get to know what it is truly like to be part of the world and that we are all linked together," he said.