'Indescribable' Experience


As a resident advisor during her junior year, recent grad Michelle Webb '11 discovered her passion when she planned, promoted and executed residence hall events.  An internship last summer with a radio station to build on her background in media confirmed her plans: She aspires to be a promotions director for either a radio or television station.

An English/communications major who concentrated in broadcast media from Brooklyn, N.Y., Webb became interested in the logistics behind radio and television as a youth.

"What were the roles of the people behind the scenes? How did the shows/movies we watch come together to entertain us? I knew there was more to a show or the news than what we, the audience, see," Webb said.

"I wanted to explore that world," she continued. "I brought this passion into MCLA and pursued it. I fell in love with media and everything that revolved around it. When I saw the television studio at MCLA, I knew that I belonged in there. When I saw that the classes used a hands-on approach to media, I knew that I had to be a part of that. Since I was little, I wanted to do something with media; MCLA just helped me figure out what."

According to Webb, MCLA's journalism program was a good fit for her because it provided the right atmosphere for her to pursue her interest. 

"In and out of the classroom, I was immersed into the world of broadcast media," Webb said.  

While MCLA's location, size and affordability were three major aspects that made it the right college for her, Webb also wanted to learn in a place where she did not feel like she was "going to suffocate" in the student body.

"It provided a place where professors took time to know you, individually critique your work, and had time to talk with you and actually remember you," she explained. And, "MCLA was so affordable. I am thankful I did not have to take out loans."

An involved student from the start, as a freshman Webb served on the executive board of Multi-Cultural Student Society, and on the Students Activities Council.

"This experience made me realize that it isn't hard to get involved at MCLA and that there is always something to do. It made me happy to be a part of something so great," she said. "Making friends at MCLA was more than easy!"

Webb said it's impossible to not make friends at the College. She met many of her friends during orientation and First Days, and also on her residence floor and in her classes, because of their intimate sizes.

"Even the shyest person will make a handful of friends by their first semester," Webb said. "I have made, and still have, so many friends during my college career. I know these friendships will last a lifetime.

"I just loved MCLA. The people, the connections, the atmosphere, the many ways to be involved, the professors, staff who care about the access to art culture - my experience was indescribable."