Commuter Connections


A commuter student, Sara Grimaldi '12 of Adams, Mass., is one of the most connected students on campus. Her many activities include the Student Activities Council, Student Government Association (SGA) and Cheer Club. She also serves as a peer advisor, an orientation leader and as secretary for the Class of 2012.

Grimaldi did not begin her college career at MCLA. She is a transfer student from Fitchburg State University.

"Since MCLA offered business, was more affordable and closer to home, I decided to transfer," she explained. "The faculty, staff and students have made my experience here unforgettable. I am glad that I chose MCLA.

"I've made a lot of friends through the clubs and organizations that I am a part of," Grimaldi continued. "Because MCLA is a small community, it allows me to meet a lot of people."

It's easy to get involved at MCLA, according to Grimaldi. "There are over 40 clubs, several academic groups and plenty of activities. There is something for everyone. Creating a new club is also a fairly easy process. In addition to the opportunities, the staff, faculty and students are very welcoming and encouraging.

"Once I joined activities such as Cheer Club, Student Activities Council and yearbook, I started meeting other students and making connections," she said. "Personally, I feel like a part of the student body. As a commuter, it is more difficult than if I lived on campus, but I make the effort to get involved. ... For me, the only downfall of being a commuter is finding a parking spot!"

A senior in business administration with concentrations in management and marketing, Grimaldi says she chose this path because of the endless opportunities it presents. With aspirations of working for a business management or marketing firm, her ultimate career goal is to start her own management consulting firm.

Grimaldi became involved in SGA to show her commitment to the College and to work with her fellow students to influence the policies and regulations that guide MCLA.

"Each organization I am involved in allows me to work with other student leaders who are highly motivated, outstanding role model, and very encouraging," she said.

As a peer advisor, Grimaldi developed a greater passion and enthusiasm for MCLA.

"Throughout the year, many of my advisees asked me questions and looked up to me for guidance and to be a positive role model. I highly encourage my advisees to attend campus activities and become involved in clubs."

Grimaldi also serves as president of the Cheer Club. The squad cheers for MCLA's men's and women's basketball teams.

"My role as president has been one of the most helpful, educational and inspiring roles within my time at MCLA," she explained. "As president, I've learned how much work is put into clubs and how important it is to manage time effectively, plan, and to be organized, reliable and responsible. From community service, fundraising, to supporting other athletic teams, we have a lot planned for the upcoming year."