Discovering Expertise


Jackie Nash '12 of Norton, Mass., came to MCLA determined to work in television or radio and declared herself an English and communications major, concentrating in broadcast media. What she found was an exploration of possibilities she never expected.

"I knew coming to MCLA would allow me to experience every angle of my interests," Nash said. "Along with my dreams of being involved with media, I have found a new strength here, as I have fallen in love with advertising and event planning. As of now, I am weighing my options in regards to a future career. There are so many directions I could go, graduating from this school."

In high school, Nash discovered how a liberal arts education creates well-rounded students, preparing them for success in the real world. 

"I visited MCLA two or three times, before deciding to attend," Nash said. "Between the friendly, personable faculty and staff, on top of the wonderful environment on campus, I knew this school was the place for me." 

Nash also was interested in playing soccer. 

"I had never planned on playing a college sport, but after meeting with my coach, Deb Raber, she emphasized how being a student-athlete could benefit me," she explained. "I had never gone without playing a sport throughout school and I knew it would be my best decision.

"MCLA is a university that encourages students to open their minds and explore everything, get involved and take on any challenge.  I admired this, as it was not just a mission or a statement. It was clear from every person I talked to at the school that they are all passionate and inspiring leaders."

Nash, too, is a leader on campus. In addition to working in the President's Office at MCLA and as an orientation leader this summer, she is the president of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) and the coordinating vice president of the Student Government Association (SGA). She also served as a student representative on the College's Strategic Planning Task Force.

"During this year, I learned how to work with all people on a professional level, and I was seen as more than just a student, but as an equal," she said. "My role on this Force, along with campus involvement, encourages me to reach for the stars, earning every position along the way."       

Particularly through her involvement with the SGA and NRHH, Nash gained many colleagues and friends, while she discovered her expertise in different fields - including event planning, group dynamics and communication. 

"I became involved around campus because simply I want to make a difference while I am here.  MCLA has taken me in as a student and I want to give back to our community," Nash said. "In addition, I feel that having a structured, full schedule encourages me to stay focused.  My positions on campus, along with soccer and of course academics, have established me as a well-rounded citizen and educated person."