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Despite the tough economy, Daury Torres '10 secured a full-time position as the assistant director of admissions for diversity recruitment at Fisher College in Boston, Mass., while he completes master's degree in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs at New England College in Henniker, N.H.

He attributes his success to MCLA.

"A lot of it is the education I got and that I was somebody different," Torres explained. "Not a lot of people have the degree that I got at MCLA. People are eager to know more about interdisciplinary studies and what it's all about. Once you tell them, they find it very interesting. That custom education was one thing that helped me to land a job."

At MCLA, Torres majored in interdisciplinary studies, with a minor in Spanish and concentrations in business and sociology.

The College's career services also played a role in his successful job search.

"They were wonderful. They went over my resume. They sat down with me and worked on my interview skills, giving me pointers and telling me what I should change. I was prepared to go out there and look for the jobs that I wanted," Torres said.

At Fisher College, Torres works with incoming freshman and participates in diversity recruitment. His knowledge of Spanish is an asset because many of the parents he works with do not speak English. He helps them with the enrollment process, explaining what they need to know about financial aid and more.

Many of youth he assists are first-generation college students, which Torres finds very rewarding. "It's something that I love. It feels so good to help somebody."

Torres discovered his career path at MCLA.

"I love it. Everything I did at MCLA made me want to do what I'm doing now - working with students," he said. "MCLA gave me the foundation that I needed for grad school. Having a liberal arts education made me well-rounded, so when I went to grad school, I was able to tackle it. Whether it's a challenge like public speaking or being proactive in my classes, I have MCLA to thank for it. MCLA gave me the foundation that I was able to build on."

At MCLA, he was an admissions ambassador, where he worked with prospective students as they went through the college application process. He discovered this was something he was passionate about and that he wanted to work with young people to help them get into college and pursue their educational goals.

But perhaps the greatest influence on Torres was MCLA President Mary K. Grant. Because of her example, energy, passion for learning and the campus, her personal attention to him and her engagement with all of the students, he, too, wants to be a college president.

"The way that she interacts with students is inspiring. I'd never seen that before. I've seen how, at other institutions, that's not the case. Other presidents are not as involved with their students. They're not as interactive with the community. That was something I learned from President Grant. She's amazing. There are not enough words to describe how inspirational she is to me," he said.

"The way that she is with students and her open door policy that they can talk to her about anything inspired me to want to become a college president. I feel like my position at Fisher College is going to take me one step closer to my Ph.D. and my ultimate dream."