Promoting Sustainability


The MCLA community is filled with individuals committed to sustainability, volunteerism and the well-being of our region. Among these individuals, the education department's Professor Emily DeMoor stands out for her contributions.

Since arriving at MCLA, DeMoor has provided steady, significant leadership in the College's environmental efforts. She serves as an essential member of MCLA's "Green Team," which promotes campus-wide sustainability. She created the MCLA Garden, and regularly attends local events staffing a "Take Charge!" energy campaign that recruits citizens to take a pledge to reduce their energy consumption.

DeMoor also has been an integral part of the Berkshire Wireless Laptop Initiative. She integrates volunteerism and service learning into her coursework, and works closely with Spencer Moser of the MCLA Center for Service and Citizenship in co-organizing and co-leading campus volunteer efforts. She even joined students in the Hurricane Katrina relief effort last year, planting trees in New Orleans with the Alternative Spring Break program.

DeMoor herself is a Hurricane Katrina survivor. This fact has shaped both why and how she is so active in her community.

"We are living in difficult times," said DeMoor. "I see my work, which is grounded in a sense of place and systemic or relational thinking, as part of the transformation to a more peaceful and sustainable future."

In late October, DeMoor was honored with a Community Recognition Award, sponsored by Northern Berkshire Neighbors/Northern Berkshire Community Coalition, for her committee and volunteer work. Last year, MCLA acknowledged DeMoor's work by awarding her with a Faculty Incentive Special Project Award.

"I see my role as a college professor as one of midwife to a new, more viable and sustainable educational paradigm," DeMoor said. "I feel privileged and grateful to be able to be part of the work of this unfolding in the MCLA community, as an emerging ecological participatory worldview connects and integrates individuals, systems, disciplines and content areas."