Athletic Opportunity


Besides majoring in psychology with a minor in social work, Kayla Bromback '12 of Lee, Mass., is part of the growing women's volleyball program at MCLA. Last year, she set the school record for blocks. This year, she went on to set the record for "kills" on the volleyball court.

She's been playing on the team since she arrived on campus.  

"When I first came here I was just excited to get to continue playing the sport," Bromback said. "I only started playing volleyball my freshman year of high school and I didn't think I would be good enough for college volleyball. Setting records went above and beyond my expectations."

According to Bromback, being on the volleyball team has enhanced her educational experience.

"Every year we would have team study halls, which helped manage volleyball and school work," she explained. "Also, being on the team helped me to get involved in other groups on campus, such as the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), which I was part of freshman year to junior year."

Being part of the volleyball team and its growth has had its ups and downs for Bromback.

"We have gotten a lot better. Last season we made it to the playoffs, so it was hard this year to not make it as far because I feel that the team had gotten better from last year. I've played for four years now, and the team has come a long way. There is only more improvement to come in the next couple years," she said.

For Bromback, the best thing about her MCLA experience is being a student athlete.

"I love playing sports and never thought that I would be able to go to college and play volleyball as well. This is probably the hardest part as well; the idea of being a student athlete is a lot of work. You need to know how to balance your time so you can put forth your best work to your classes and your team."

Bromback decided to attend MCLA because it was close to home but not so close that she couldn't live on campus. "Also, when I learned about the school, its size fit what I was used to. I came from a small high school so I didn't want to go to a large college."

She decided to pursue a psychology major after taking a psychology class in high school.  

"What we learned in that class was very interesting to me," Bromback explained. "I like the idea of working with people and trying to help them, and that's why I added a social work minor."

Because each of her professors has an individual style, Bromback says her classes are all the more interesting. "They all have a unique way of teaching, but they all show a great deal of interest in student progress. They work with students who have difficulties, if they ask for help."