A Proud Tradition


When Rosanne and Orest Huda settled in Pittsfield in 1985, the couple wasn't thinking about where they would send their three young daughters to college, nor did it cross their minds that all three would attend the state's only public liberal arts college just a few towns away.

Evanna, 17, the youngest, joined  her sister, Larissa, 20, a senior majoring in biology and pre-med, on-campus in the fall of 2008. Their older sister, Andrea, 25, graduated from the college in 2005 with a bachelor's degree in fine and performing arts.

"I liked the campus, and I didn't want to go too far from home right now," Evanna Huda said of her choice to attend the college. "I'm living on campus, so I'm getting the full experience."

Rosanne Huda, who calls MCLA a "Huda Family Tradition," said MCLA offers the perfect formula for a family with three daughters so close in age.

"We feel we have found a winning formula -- a quality education at an affordable price situated in the beautiful Berkshire mountains," she said. "You can never save enough money for your children's education these days. We've been able to send our girls to college without having them leave with any loans. What happens in graduate school is probably going to be different, but they're starting off without any other college bills."

Larissa said that despite having a younger sister on campus, and an older sister come before her, she's always been able to be her own person. She said her experience has been completely different than that of Andrea, who graduated the May before she entered the school.

"There were people who knew me because I was Andrea's sister, but it was easy to have my own experience," she said. "I have a different set of professors and courses. I have a different set of friends. I'm positive it won't be any different for Evanna.