Advice for Success


When English/communications major Katelyn Moore '13 of Amesbury, Mass., arrived on campus as a freshman, she was nervous. She knew that she'd be required to take courses other than English, such as those in science and math.

She need not have worried. The Tsongas Scholarship recipient maintains a 3.98 grade point average. And, after taking an introductory course in business, Moore (pictured left on an Alternative Spring Break in Belize) enjoyed it so much that she added a minor in business management.

Moore has some advice for students who want to do well in college.

"Go to class and do your work. It's as simple as that," she explained. "I read somewhere that the average class cost for one class session of 50 minutes costs about $35 at a state school. When I'm tired and I think about skipping I say to myself, 'Would I pay $35 to take a nap right now?' The answer is always 'no.'"

Moore is involved in much more than just academics. In addition to spending a week in Belize during an Alternative Spring Break trip, she's participated in numerous Dance Company shows, sings in MCLA's concert choir, takes private voice lessons and influenced freshman as a residence assistant in Hoosac Hall during her sophomore year.

"I loved every minute of my time there. I was the RA of an all-girl floor," Moore said. "I loved planning programming for the girls and designing bulletin boards for the common areas. It was so rewarding to be a positive influence on the MCLA residence area community."

The trip to Belize was "life changing" for her. Besides helping a village by planting fruit trees to replace those destroyed by a hurricane, the experience included visits to the Mayan ruins, canoeing down the Sibun River and looking at pottery found deep in Central American caves.

"Both of these opportunities would have been extremely difficult to obtain had I gone to a larger, private school," Moore said. "Friends I graduated with in high school applied to do Alternative Spring Break and study abroad programs with their schools and were denied because there were too many applicants. MCLA makes sure that every student has the opportunity to see the world and do so in a safe, educational manner."

But perhaps the best thing about MCLA is the people and the atmosphere.

"The floor style in Hoosac means there is always someone to interact with; all you have to do is look for an open door," Moore said. "And the suite style in Berkshire Towers means that you and your fellow suitemates will be in for 100 movie-nights and late-night pizza deliveries in your suite lounge. There are programs and activities throughout the year which are designed specifically to get people together. All you have to do is go to them!

"My advice would be: Join every single club that you can, and go to every meeting you can until you find the one that fits you. There is a club for everyone. You can't make friends if you never leave your room."

She continued, "My favorite thing to do is sit by the volleyball court on a warm day and watch the campus come to life. Or, I walk to class in the winter and see students sledding on trashcan covers down the hill. There is always something to do here, even if it is to sit in the quad and read a good book with a good friend."