Common Application


Beginning today, applicants for admission to MCLA in fall 2013 will find a streamlined process through the Common Application membership association. The launch makes MCLA the first - and only - member of the state's university system to offer this time-saving tool.

The Common Application for Undergraduate College Admission - also known as the "Common App" - boasts members from over 450 colleges and universities across the country, and two international institutions. Established more than four decades ago by 15 private colleges that wanted to provide a common, standardized first-year application form for use at any member institution, the Association provides both online and print versions of its first-year and transfer applications

Annette Jeffes, dean of admission, says the beauty of this application is that prospective undergraduate students only need fill out one form to apply to hundreds of colleges and universities. This frees them up to spend more time on college research campus visits, writing essays, senior year coursework, and more.

"It's very rare that a student only applies to one college," she said. "The Common Application is a tool that allows them to fill out all of their information once, and then transmit it online to any school that they want. It's very comprehensive. The whole idea behind it is that it's a holistic approach to applications, meaning that you look at all aspects of a student, not just one component.

"Once you set up your account on the Common App, it's in there," Jeffes continued. "All you have to do is access your account and send your information to a school. You don't have to fill out a form all over again."

She said the College joined the Common Application because it's a nationally respected, user-friendly application that works to promote equity, access and integrity in the college application process. In addition, Jeffes expects MCLA's membership in the Association will help streamline its application process with a tool that will benefit MCLA's applicants.

"It really helps students who are applying," she explained. "MCLA gets a lot of applications every year, and using the Common Application is very easy and efficient. It improves our whole process in terms of receiving applications and giving students a really good, user-friendly tool to use to apply to MCLA."

More than just an application tool, the Common Application also can be used to search for the right college. Jeffes encourages high school juniors and seniors to set up an account with the Common Application and start exploring their options, as each institution provides a plethora of information on its Web site.

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