Creative Communications


A public relations major, Shauna Dacus '13, of Mashpee, Mass., is getting some firsthand experience in the communications field from her work in the President's Office at MCLA - first with MCLA's director of communications, and this semester in an internship she's serving with the College's Web communications manager. She's also a photographer for The Beacon, the College's student-run newspaper.

Dacus said she chose the fast-paced field of public relations because of its many creative outlets.

"I could be working for different clients and use different skill sets for each one," she explained. "I like that it will keep me on my toes and I won't get bored. It incorporates my love for writing and innovation, and rewards those who work the hardest."

Her dream is to work one day as part of a team of public relations professionals within the environmental and sustainability, art, or travel sector.

Throughout her time at MCLA, Dacus said her professors have had a great impact upon her.

"I have learned many things out of textbooks, but also a lot of my education comes from in-class discussions," she explained. "Discussions might range from current events to Elizabeth I, and everything in-between. This is what will help me the most after college and in the job market."

A transfer student to MCLA from Suffolk University at the start of her sophomore year, Dacus was looking for the school that would be the next right fit for her.

"MCLA was the complete opposite from the city life, where I had spent my freshman year. But it was the best decision I could have made. I thought I would have more experiences in Boston and more internship opportunities - but I have never met more amazing people than I have here," she explained.

"Students don't realize how close-knit the community at MCLA truly is. As a freshman or sophomore, you meet friends that become family over your time spent here," she added.  "I couldn't believe how welcoming everyone was."

The secretary for MCLA's Outdoors Club this year, Dacus looks forward to several weekend-long camping trips the group has planned for the spring.

"I like to push myself and try new things. I get bored easily, so I always want to feed my imagination and drive," she said. "The Outdoors Club helps me to climb mountains, meet new people, enjoy nature, and to find my center again, among a lot of distractions."

While at MCLA, Dacus said she's changed more than any other time in her life, as she developed more as a person and as a student.

"The people I have met are now my family. They have helped me open up and become the person I truly am by accepting me, and being positive and exciting influences in my life," she said.

"The best part of being a student here is watching MCLA grow and develop before my eyes," Dacus continued. "It's always nice to see that your school is renovating and building while you are essentially doing the same."