Getting the Word Out


Amy Modesti '13 of Cropseyville, N.Y., took what she learned in her arts management marketing class to heart when she reached out through social networking to let others know about MCLA's recent Blues & Funk Festival.

As a result, news of the event spread to a wider audience through the Capital Region Blues Network in Albany, N.Y.  The organization not only publicized the event and sent out an e-blast to let its members know about the concerts, one of its writers decided to attend. At the Festival, he took photos. He plans to review it, with Modesti as a guest writer. Soon, their joint article will be posted on the Network's Web site.

Modesti said she was encouraged by MCLA's Director of Special Programs Jonathan Secor, who taught the marketing class, "to reach out about all the events we have on campus - not only to the surrounding community, but other communities that may not be so familiar with MCLA Presents! or MCLA in general - such as those in Vermont, New York, or other parts of Massachusetts."

It was while doing some online research about local Blues bands that Modesti came across the Capital Region Blues Network.

"I thought they would be good to reach out to. So, I posted some information on the main page about the Blues & Funk Festival. One of the writers [Eric Gleason] called the College for more information. He also talked about the Festival in the Capital Region's e-blast, which gets sent out to all of their members," she explained.

After spreading the word about the event and encouraging others from the Albany area to travel to North Adams to attend MCLA's Blues & Funk Festival, Gleason, too, attended the second night to cover the Khris Royal & Dark Matter concert for the Capital Region Blues Network.

"I didn't realize by putting information out, encouraging people to come out to the event, that there would be such a positive response," Modesti said.

A double major in art and arts management, Modesti transferred to MCLA as a junior in the fall of 2011. After graduating with an Associates degree in fine arts from Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC), she went on to study graphic design at another New York institution, but decided the major wasn't for her. Then, an HVCC professor told her about MCLA's arts management program.

As a resident of New York, Modesti qualified for MCLA's Advantage New York tuition reduction program, which provides students with the opportunity to attend MCLA at a substantial savings.

"It definitely helped out a lot," Modesti said. "And, since the College is about 45 minutes from my house, it is easy for me to commute back and forth."

Because she's interested in a career that revolves around the arts - possibly at an art gallery or museum, or as an arts promoter - Modesti is happy with her decision to attend MCLA, and appreciates the opportunities she's had.

Her activities have ranged from working behind-the-scenes for a campus production of Urinetown to helping to promote last spring's Rock the Block event in downtown North Adams. And, over the summer, she participated in DownStreet Art as a volunteer in local artist Jarvis Rockwell's gallery.

Attending MCLA as a commuter student "has been a really, really good experience," Modesti said. "I've had a chance to meet people from all over the place. The people here are really welcoming. They make you feel right at home."