MCLA All-Star Looks Back


After a tremendous season, Lucy Tremblay '13 of East Greenbush, N.Y., has carved a prominent place for herself in the College's record books. With an average 18.3 points per game, the shooting guard - who reached her 1,000-point milestone this season - is the second all-time scorer for MCLA's women's basketball team.

This weekend, she'll compete in the All Star Classic, as she recently was named as one of 22 seniors from throughout the region to be selected by the New England Women's Basketball Association.

But MCLA is much more than basketball to Tremblay: she's majoring in business administration with concentrations in event planning, sport management and marketing.

Tremblay said she has evolved over the course of her four years on campus by pushing herself to be the best student she can be.

"I learned to become close with my professors, and to be vocal. My parents would always get on me, saying that I am here to get an education, not just to have fun and play basketball," she explained. "That is some of the best advice I could have asked for."

That being said, being a Trailblazer has enhanced her educational experience in many ways. For example, during her early years at MCLA, the upperclassmen on her team encouraged Tremblay to become involved on campus.

"That was what I needed to really be the best I could as a student," Tremblay said.

Her activities include being on MCLA's Student Athletics Advisory Committee (SAAC) and working with Intramurals.

"MCLA has so many different clubs and organizations that reach out to all students on campus. Any interest I have, there is an opportunity to get more involved," she said.

"I cannot stress how much being involved with this campus has helped me grow," she continued. "For SAAC, we plan fan days at every sporting event, we are involved in community service events, and come up with ideas as to what we can do to make our Athletics Department the best it can be."

Her involvement with Intramurals allows her to act as a sport manager, which supports her concentration in sport management. "I can bring ideas from class and brainstorm with the other supervisors to make each session fun for the participants."

In addition to teaching her time management as she balances her studies with sports, "When being a part of a team, it is inevitable that there will be different personalities, and in the job world - especially in business - I will be forced into different situations with different people. Being on this team has taught me how to deal with that," Tremblay said.

Soon after arriving on campus as a freshman, Tremblay discovered MCLA's close-knit community, which allowed her to get to know not only other students, but also her professors.

"I can go to most professors in my department and ask for a favor and they are willing to help me," she explained. "They have helped me with many things, and have supported me in school and in athletics."

Not surprisingly, Tremblay's favorite place to be on campus is the gym. "For the past four years it has been my release from everything, a place where I can have fun and still accomplish what I need to in basketball."

After she graduates in May, Tremblay will be off to Europe to do some backpacking. She's already started to look for a job, and hopes to find employment by September - perhaps in the non-profit sector, doing marketing work. Graduate school and professional basketball also could be in her future.

"My experience as an MCLA basketball player was something I'll cherish for the rest of my life," she said. "I gained not only teammates, but also lifelong friends with players and coaches. It has given me so many memories, and has taught me about whom I am as a person."