Music program strikes a chord


Above, Amanda McField rehearses with the MCLA Jazz Band as instructor Jeff Link accompanies her.

Ever since the age of 8, music's been a passion for Amanda McField '16 of Boston, Mass.

"Music is one of the most beautiful, yet complex fields," she said. "I pretty much knew ever since middle school that music was going to be the road I would take."

Since arriving on campus last fall, "I have really been able to show my true potential. The professors teach you what they know on the topics at a good pace, and also give valuable information for life," said McField, whose major is Fine and Performing Arts, with a concentration on music.

"The professors act as mentors when needed. No matter how small or how large a class is, you are actually a student - and not just a number - compared to other colleges," she explained. "My academic experience at MCLA has been nothing but great."

As a performer, McField's experience has been both interesting and diverse. She's a member of the campus's a capella group, the Allegrettos, as well as the MCLA Jazz Band and Harlequin - a musical theatre group.

"I have done multiple performances with all three of these groups. The opportunities that are given for any performer to perform on campus are plenty," she said. "With the Allegrettos, there is always an event - on or off campus - where we perform. With the jazz band, we perform mostly off campus, about six times each semester. Harlequin presents its annual revue, a small scale show, as well as a student-directed musical each year."

Also a student leader, McField last semester was sworn in as a member of MCLA's Student Government Association (SGA) as the treasurer for the Class of 2016.

"Last semester I also became a peer advisor, so this year I will mentor incoming freshman and give them advice on how to have a successful first year at MCLA," she said.

McField knew that MCLA was the right college for her from the moment she stepped foot on campus.

"Everyone was so nice during my visits, and really helped me by giving me all of the answers I needed," she explained. "The best parts about being an MCLA student are the people that you meet, as well as the education that you receive. If I went to any other college, I would not be as successful as I am now. MCLA really does make you feel like you can do everything." 

Her favorite place to hang out on campus is the Church Street Center, with some friends. However, "My favorite thing to do is to go into town with a few people and go to the art galleries."

Once she graduates, McField plans to head back to Boston, to attend graduate school to earn a master's degree in library science. "I am looking toward becoming a music librarian, and working somewhere in New England."

What would she like prospective students to know about MCLA?

"There is always something to do on campus. With all of the clubs and activities, there is something for everyone," McField said. "Even though MCLA is a small school, there are so many opportunities to not only meet some great people, but to have a great education."