Downstreet Art Presents "Caravan Plus; The Collective Work of Eiko & Koma" at 69 Union Street


NORTH ADAMS, MASS- On July 26th, the location of 69 Union Street North Adams, MA will become the newest "pop-up" gallery to join the DownStreet Art festivities for summer 2013. The former Gateway Chevrolet Car Dealership provides a truly unique atmosphere and space, both of which are necessary for this exhibition, which features large scale installations, archival footage, costumes and sets from internationally renowned artists/choreographers, Eiko & Koma.

"CARAVAN PLUS" will include a breadth of Eiko & Koma's visual work including videos, photography, hand-made sets and costumes, as well as the caravan, a large trailer transformed into an art object/performance platform from their performance piece The Caravan Project, which will be performed by Koma on Holden Street during the entire length of DownStreet Art's opening night, Thursday July 25th.

Eiko & Koma are Japanese-born choreographer/dancers who also create their own sets and costumes for most of their multi-disciplinary works. Their performance art is created out of movement that emphasizes stillness and incorporates shape, light, and sound in order to expose the audience to the vulnerability of their bodies.

"Eiko and Koma invite us to feel, remember and suspend time in their work as choreographers and dancers. They create and perform movement that reveals the poetry and the struggle in our journey as human beings. They are as well know for the beauty of their sets, costumes and the natural settings their work takes place in as they are for their choreography.  Their body of work also includes groundbreaking collaborations with one another, photographers, filmmakers and other artists." -- Sandra Burton, Director of Williams College Dance Faculty, Department Chair.

The Caravan Project is a mobile instillation of a specially modified trailer that allows the doors to be open on all four sides to reveal the awe-inspiring environment that contains Eiko & Koma's bodies. This piece was recently performed at MoMA this past January where the duo performed during all hours that the museum was open for a week straight.

As described by The New York Times, "Everything was both organic and unpredictable. They're seldom still, and the quality of concentration they bring to everything is extraordinary." For this event, Koma is delivering a special 3-hour performance from 6pm to 9pm on July 25th.

Following Koma's performance of The Caravan Project on DownStreet Art Thursday, 7/25 6-9p, the Caravan will reside in the newly renovated pop-up gallery at 69 Union Street along with featured works and artifacts collected during Eiko & Koma's 40 years of collaborative dance and art-making. Sets, costumes, videos, and photographs are combined to create a multi-sensory experience that connects gallery visitors with Eiko & Koma's artistry.

"It's been a big project repurposing the car dealership into an art gallery, but it's going to make a great space for The Caravan and the unique works of Eiko & Koma. I'm excited to be a part of bringing the experience of their work to North Adams." - Marli LaGrone , Associate Gallery Manager of "CARAVAN PLUS".

"CARAVAN PLUS" will be open at 69 Union St. North Adams, MA on Friday July 26th. It is free and open to the public. The exhibit will be open from 12pm-6pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 10am-6pm on Saturdays, and 10am-4pm on Sundays. The exhibit will be open through September 2nd, and then be available for viewing by appointment only through October.

For more information about "CARAVAN PLUS", please visit,, or call Berkshire Cultural Resource Center at (413) 664 8718

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