Alumni 'roll' on 'LIVE with Kelly and Michael'


Photo courtesy of Kathy Lloyd 

Two MCLA alumni and their local food truck business, "How We Roll," were featured on LIVE with Kelly and Michael in July as part of the show's "Truckin' Amazing Cook-Off" contest.

With their "Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!" recipe, Gabe Lloyd '08 and Kathy Lloyd '13 of Pittsfield, Mass., made the final four out of 10 food truck businesses who were selected to be featured on the show as part of the nationwide contest to win a $20,000 grand prize. 

While the couple are newcomers to the food truck business - they launched "How We Roll" on March 16 - they have years of culinary experience that includes working with Daniel Osman at the Dream Away Lodge in Becket, Mass., during his first year of business.

"After that, we moved to New Orleans and lived there for quite a few years," Kathy explained. "That's where we took off into our own as restaurant people. We did everything from greasy spoons to fine dining. Gabe worked behind the line as a cook, and I worked for Emeril Lagasse in the front of the house."

Ultimately, they returned to the Berkshires where they planned to open a food truck that served New Orleans-themed dishes. Then, Kathy had a dream that inspired her concept of serving a variety of comfort foods in an egg roll.

"I said, 'Baby, everything's changing.' He just kind of rolled his eyes and went along with me,'" laughed Kathy at her husband's response to the new plan.  

They decided to enter LIVE's contest with "Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner" because, "If you ask any chef what their top-10 things to eat before they die are, one of them is a baked chicken dinner. It's ours, too."

Their recipe calls for organic chicken baked with onions and fresh herbs, honey-glazed carrots and mashed potatoes, which they roll up in an egg roll, which are then fried before being injected with gravy.

"It was one of our first ideas and our fans voted this recipe to be on Kelly and Michael," Kathy said.

After they were selected to be on the show, the pair headed on the road in their food truck to New York City, and drove down Broadway to film a segment that featured their business on LIVE with Kelly and Michael.

"The experience could not be more positive. Michael and Kelly were delightful and everyone on the crew was great. Obviously, we were very nervous, but it was a really wonderful experience," Kathy said. "We just got to have fun."

The national exposure has been great, Kathy said. "We have a pretty good following here in Pittsfield anyway, but we've definitely seen a bump in business."

Customer favorites include a Frito chili pie - served up in an egg roll, of course, as well as their most popular dessert, "Hipster Elvis," which includes peanut butter, Nutella and banana.

Always on the go, the best way to find the Lloyds is to check out their Facebook page or their website,, which has an up-to-date calendar.

Both she and Gabe appreciate the education they received at MCLA.

"We wouldn't be where we are if we hadn't been where we've gone," Kathy said. "It's all part of the journey, and my education at MCLA was so valuable to me in so many ways that I wouldn't give it up for the world."