MCLA Announces MCLA at MASS MoCA


NORTH ADAMS, MASS. - Beginning this fall, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) will enter into a new partnership with the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) when art classes take place on the museum campus during the renovation of Bowman Hall.

"MCLA at MASS MoCA," to be located on the second floor of MASS MoCA's Building 13, will include art labs for drawing and painting, as well as faculty offices for MCLA's art major.

Monica Joslin, dean of academic affairs at MCLA, said, "Offering painting and drawing classes in attractive MASS MoCA space is yet another example of the wonderful partnership and collaborations between the two institutions."

"We look forward to having MCLA on campus at MASS MoCA," said Blair Benjamin, MASS MoCA's director of real estate and community development. "We have a great partnership with the College, and it's a perfect fit to host their visual arts program on the museum campus while they prepare their new space in Bowman Hall."

With the start of the renovation, all of the academic departments, classrooms and labs housed in Bowman Hall will be relocated to allow for construction.

According to James Stakenas, MCLA's vice president of administration and finance, the temporary relocations will allow every department and class to run smoothly over the coming academic year.

"We are delighted to lease some space from MASS MoCA for our visual arts program," Stakenas said. "It has everything we would want in a space."

Also during the Bowman Hall renovation, the PRESS Gallery at 49 Main St. will function as a classroom for several art classes. Located immediately next door to MCLA Gallery 51, a door between the two spaces was added to connect them.

Other MCLA art classes to be offered at PRESS this fall due to the renovation include those taught by Melanie Mowinski, an assistant professor of visual art at MCLA and the PRESS Gallery's founder. They are "Book Arts," "Introduction to Design" and "Collage Printmaking."

Once the new Center for Science and Innovation is completed later this summer, faculty offices for MCLA's chemistry, biology, environmental studies, physics and psychology departments all will move into the new Center.  Faculty offices for the math department also will relocate to the new building; however, they will remain there only on a temporary basis, while Bowman Hall is under construction.

Other faculty with offices in Bowman Hall will relocate to Venable Hall. And, biology labs in Venable Hall have been converted into classroom space for use this fall and during the spring 2014 semester.

In addition, other classes held in Bowman will be moved to Murdock Hall and MCLA's Church Street Center during the renovation process.

Once the work on Bowman Hall is completed next summer, it will house offices for the math, computer science and art departments, as well as administrative offices for the vice president and dean of MCLA's Office of Academic Affairs. A new computer lab and art gallery also will be located in Bowman.

In addition to providing space for two art labs and faculty offices, "MCLA at MASS MoCA" features 24/7 security and is fully handicapped accessible. The leasing arrangement was negotiated for MCLA by the Division of Capital Asset and Management and Maintenance (DCAMM).