Gallery 53 to Present 'Historyland'


NORTH ADAMS, MASS. - Beginning on Thursday, Aug. 29, Gallery 53 will present its third exhibition titled "HISTORYLAND" as part of DownStreet Art's installations this summer. "HISTORYLAND," created, collected and curated by local artist Rich Remsberg, is a medley of extraordinary and unique found objects and media.

An opening reception with refreshments will be held on Thursday, Aug. 29, from 6 to 9 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. Gallery 53, at 53 Main St. in North Adams, is one of four new DownStreet Art "pop-up" galleries this summer.

The exhibition showcases amusing collections through three interpretations that each of the objects fall into: found ready-mades (inspired by Marcel Duchamp), small collections organized by Remsberg, and assemblages constructed directly by the artist. Found photographs, video, and sound recordings will be mixed in with postcards, matchbook covers, scrapbooks, dolls, candles, bottles, toilet tank balls, locks and radios along thematic lines ranging from the solar system and religion to flying saucers and Watergate for an unusual look at the American cultural landscape.

Remsberg, a native Midwesterner and Emmy Award-winning image researcher, lives and works in North Adams. He is the owner of Atlas Films, a company dedicated to archival footage and still image research.

"This show represents a modern-day sort of hunting and gathering, rummaging through flea markets, yard sales, and eBay, for these broken shards of culture. In their selection, assembly and consideration, they invite the same sort of response as constructed art," Remsberg said.

The exhibition attempts to make a psycho-cultural American landscape, where brand names, military tests and game show audiences become the words of a prophet or the ravings of a mad man. His work implores viewers to ponder such questions as: Is there a difference? Does it matter?

Gallery 53 is a DownStreet Art-sponsored gallery, funded by Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts' (MCLA) Berkshire County Resource Center (BCRC), and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

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