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Frequently Asked Questions....

1.  Do we need to form a full group of 5 or 6 individuals to vie for an apartment? Yes. You must choose the apartment size that you want and form a full group to fill it. Check out the First Class MCLA Bulletin Board called "RPS Housing Connections." If you need people to fill your group OR you are looking to join a group, post a message on the site.

2.  Can students who are transferring to MCLA this fall join our group? No. This is a returning student HAP. All students participating in this process must be currently enrolled at MCLA. So.....if a student is on Study Abroad or on an off-site internship and is enrolled at MCLA, they can participate. If a student is on a Leave of Absence, withdrew from MCLA or has not yet enrolled for classes at MCLA, that person cannot participate. New transfers and freshmen need to go through the summer housing assignment process. 

3.  Can we form a coed townhouse? Yes. All returning students are eligible for coed housing in the Townhouses and within designated BT suites. You should really take a moment and think about it first. Remember, if you have a vacancy in the apartment later on, you are responsible for filling it....and filling it quickly. If you can't, you may need to revert to a single gender apartment and some folks are going to need to re-locate. Also, it may sound great to live in an apartment or suite with your partner....but what if you break up? (Yes, the same holds true for living with same sex partners in single sex rooms and suites!) Some coed living situations work out great. Some have lots of issues. Again, it's important to really give it some thought before you travel down that road. If you do decide to go in favor of a coed group, remember that all members of the group must complete a Coed Housing Agreement Form.

4.  Can we form a 21+ townhouse? Yes. If everyone in your group will be 21 or older by September 1, 2014, you are eligible for a 21+ apartment from the day we open in September. In 21+ apartments, the consumption of alcohol is allowable if everyone present is 21 years of age or older. We update the 21+ apartment list every month. If everyone in your apartment turns 21 after September 1, 2014, you should go to the RPS office to get instructions on how to change your status.

5.  We want 2 single rooms, but we only have 5 people. Can a group of 5 go into a 6-person apartment? No. If you want 2 singles in your apartment, you must form a group of 6 and vie for a 6-person apartment.

6.  We have a group of 5, but we only want to be in a three-bedroom apartment (2 doubles and a single), not a two-bedroom one (1 double and a triple). How does that work? If you form a group of 5, you must take the style of apartment that is available when your group rank comes up for apartment assignment. The higher your group rank, the more likely you are to get the apartment style you prefer. You will notice that we require you to provide us with bedroom assignments for both kinds of 5-person apartments on the TH preference form.

7.  What about that HAP rank system? How does it work? Each student gets an individual rank that is based on class status, GPA and community citizenship. If you are seeking housing in BT or HH, you choose your housing in individual rank order. The higher the rank, the higher your priority in the assignment process. If you are seeking housing in the Townhouses, we add up all your individual ranks and divide that number by the number of people in your group to create a group rank. Again, the higher the group rank, the higher your priority in the assignment process. If you plan on living in the Townhouses next year, you can improve your HAP rank by attending an Apartment Living Seminar.

8.  What if we can't find one of our apartment group members, can we sign his/her name on the form? No. Forging someone else's signature is never a good thing and that holds true in this process, as well. If a group is found responsible for forging a signature or providing any other false information during HAP, the group will lose its ranking and the ability to live in the same apartment together. (Judicial charges are also a possibility.) All in all, it's not worth it, so don't do it! 

9.  I require special housing accommodations, what process do I need to go through? If you have a condition that requires special housing accommodations, please print off the document located below. This document has a section that you need to complete and a section that your health professional needs to complete. Both sections of this document are due to RPS no later than Friday, April 11th.

Special Housing Accommodations Request Process

10.  I don't have an on-campus residency requirement. Can I move off-campus after the fall semester? No. The Residence Area Occupancy Agreement is a full-year commitment. If you find that you are unhappy in your room and/or apartment, you are expected to seek alternate housing accommodations on campus, not move off-campus.

11.  I live within commuting range. Can I commute from home after the fall semester? No. Please see the answer to question #10.

12.  I don't have an on-campus residency requirement and I'm not yet sure whether I want to live on- or off-campus. Can my friends and I just reserve a Townhouse now and then cancel our Residence Area Occupancy Agreements when we find an off-campus apartment? No. Please see the answer to question #10.