Mission Statement

The Susan B. Anthony Women's Center at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts exists for and because of all women. It serves as a resource and action center for the entire college community, working along side the Women's Studies Minor as its applied arm for educational development, service projects and community outreach. Designed according to an academic model, its educational goals are:

 -To develop programs that generate an increased awareness of women's achievements and struggles around the globe historically and today.

 -To empower women to work for the strategic elimination of gender oppression, harassment, discrimination and violence through proactive instruction, conferences, service projects and presentations.

 -To highlight the significance of feminist theory and scholarship as an instrument for transforming reality, thereby closing the gap between academics and activism, theory and practice.

 -To encourage awareness of citizenship through community service, healthy lifestyles and gender relationships, civic duty and artistic expression. 

-To reinforce our commitment that women's rights are human rights and thus the oppression of women everywhere is a universal concern.

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